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WestJet is one of the growing airlines which provides its services to various international and domestic locations. It was initiated for the purpose of giving an alternative to the passengers to enjoy the flight and travel services at a cheaper rate. If you need to call WestJet from Mexico but do not have a clue on how you can do from the Mexico region. Follow the below-mentioned points in a hassle-free manner and contact WestJet from Mexico.

How do I call WestJet from Mexico?

If you wish to make a phone call to the Westjet phone number from the region of Mexico then follow the below-mentioned points to do the same;

  • Dial Westjet Mexico phone number 001-855-269-2979 or +52 5541609861 present on the contact page of the website of WestJet airlines.

  • You’ll be welcomed with a bot-generated voice which will provide you with a list of dedicated numbers for different departments.

  • If you do not understand them at first, you can press 0 at the end, the IVR will then repeat the set of instructions.

  • Press 9 to connect with the support department of WestJet.

  • It will then ask you to input the dedicated number related to the department you want to speak about or you have a query in.

  • Dial the required dedicated number 001-855-269-2979.

  • Once the wait time is over, a live representative from the support department will connect with you.

How do I contact Westjet from Mexico?

You can get in touch with the support team of WestJet from Mexico with the help of the below-mentioned points;

  1. With the help of your device, open the search page of your default browser.

  2. Login or continue as a guest on the official website of WestJet.

  3. Once the home page loads, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  4. Locate and click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page.

  5. It will then redirect you to the contact page of Westjet.

  6. The following page will have the ways in which you can get in touch with the support team of WestJet.

Contact via Social Media Support-

You can easily chat with a representative from the support team of WestJet from Mexico with the help of the Facebook Messenger application. You can easily speak with a representative with the help of one click.

Contact via Email Support-

You can also draft an email and send it to the official email address of the WestJet support team. Make sure that you mention the way in which you would like a revert from the support team of Westjet. Mention all the queries you have and cross-check them before sending.

Contact via Phone Support-

Once you click on the Phone Support option, it will redirect you to a page where you can find the international phone numbers as well. Locate the phone number for the region of Mexico, the days and the timings will be mentioned with the official phone number for you to make a phone call to from the region of Mexico.

Therefore, you can easily make a phone call to the WestJet Mexico phone number 001-855-269-2979 for the assistance you require with the help of the above-mentioned points in a hassle-free manner.

Where is WestJet flying to in Mexico?

WestJet flying many regions in Mexico like Cancun Huatulco, Loreto Manzanillo, Puerto and San Jose del cabo as well.

Is WestJet flying to Loreto Mexico?

Yes, WestJet flying to Loreto Mexico at Loreto International Airport.


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