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How do I talk to a person at WestJet?

If you have booked a flight with West airlines and you are willing to talk to an agent to discuss your concern, you can call any time. Dial the Westjet phone number which is 1-803-823-1488 or 1 (888) 937-8538 and directly gets through to the service operator. Westjet travel agents are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for passenger help. You can speak to the Westjet representative for a number of reasons such as flight booking, check-in, flight change, refund, and other services.

Speak to a person at WestJet by calling

The airline offers passengers several channels of communication through which passengers can reach the WestJet real person with their doubts and questions. Follow the call IVR instructions that will help you to solve their problems.

Dial WestJet phone number: 1 (888) 937-8538, Westjet vacations: 1-877-737-7001

  • After dealing with Westjet's contact number, listen to the call instruction carefully
  • Press 1 to new reservation/existing booking
  • Press 2 for flight changes/cancellation
  • Press 3 for baggage/refund
  • Press 4 to manage the booking
  • Press 5 seat upgrade
  • Press 5 to repeat the menu
  • Press * to talk to a WestJet agent and ask about your concerns.

How do you get through to WestJet?

When you plan to fly with WestJet Airlines and get stuck in a booking procedure or other services, you would certainly need a guide that will help you with the query of how do you get through to WestJet, follow the below-mentioned steps

Alternatives ways to contact WestJet customer service

There are four ways of getting through with WestJet Airlines for assistance, these are: via a helpline number, via live chat, via social media, and via email support. Steps for all of these ways are discussed below.

Via Westjet Helpline Number

  1. Step 1: Dial the Westjet customer service number 1 (888) 937-8538 or 1-803-823-1488 and listen to the instructions very carefully.

  2. Step 2: Now, you have to press the particular key based on your query.
  3. Step 3: Connect to the call and then your can easily discuss your issue with the support person.

Via Live Chat

Step 1: In this case, again you need to extract the contact number of the concerned airlines.

Step 2: You can now directly place a message and get your query resolved.

Via Social Media

Step 1: You can also contact the representatives at WestJet by dropping a message regarding your query on their social media handles like Facebook, and Twitter.

Step 2: Customer representatives are always available on their social media handles like Facebook and Twitter to resolve your issue.

Westjet facebook

Westjet twitter

Westjet Instagram

Westjet Youtube

Via Westjet Through Email Support


Through Westjet help page

If you want to get more information visit Westjet contacts us help page.

How can I talk to a person at WestJet?

To speak to someone at WestJet, please call Westjet phone number: 1-866-693-7853 or 1-803-823-1488 and WestJet vacations: 1-877-737-7001. You can also send your inquiry through email at disabilityassistance@westjet.com.

The steps for speaking to a WestJet customer service professional using the helpline number are mentioned down under:

  1. Give a call on the helpline number issued by Westjet 1-803-823-1488 or 1 (888) 937-8538.

  2. You will hear an automated message overcall.

  3. Select the appropriate option to get your call answered by a customer service professional at WestJet.

  • Press 1 for assistance with your flight at WestJet.

  • Press 2 for baggage inquiries.

  • Press 3 for sales-related inquiries.

Selecting the appropriate option will connect you with a person at Westjet and you could discuss all your queries and concerns overcall.

You can also speak with a WestJet person using the email option on the official ‘Contact Us’ page. Utilize the Live chat option to communicate with a person at Westjet.

How do I connect with the WestJet agent?

In order to talk to a Westjet agent, travelers follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. You may utilize the call option to talk to a live person on Westjet. The customer service professionals are available on call to dial1-803-823-1488 or 1-888-937-8538 and WestJet Vacations dial 1-877-737-7001.

  2. You may give ring the Westjet customer service helpline number 24x7 to get help and assistance with your flight reservation with Westjet.

  3. Also, you will be entitled to a certain wait time until your call connects with someone from the customer service support team.

How do I get a human person at WestJet?

Passengers who want to talk to a human at WestJet, dial 1-803-823-1488 or 1-888-937-8538 for WestJet vacations: 1-877-737-7001.

How do I get a hold of WestJet?

If you to get a hold of WestJet customer service, call 1-888-937-8538 (WestJet flights) and 1-877-737-7001 (WestJet vacations)

How long is WestJet's hold time?

WestJet Airways' holds time is about 3 minutes and 48 seconds.

Is the WestJet call center 24 hours?

WestJet offers our passengers TTY phone service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone: 1-803-823-1488 or 1-877-952-0100.

WestJet Customer Service Phone Number Information

Westjet customer services number (1-888-937-8538)
For General Inquiries dial 1-800-204-5647
Change and cancel flights dial (1-888-937-8538)
Guests with special needs dial 1-877-952-0100
Investor relations dial 1-877-493-7853
Lost and found, damaged or missing baggage dial  1-866-666-6224
WestJet Cargo 1-866-952-2746 (1-866-WJ-CARGO
WestJet Groups 1-844-213-5230
WestJet store 403-539-7070


How do I contact WestJet Customer Service?

Before travel -

You don’t always have to contact a WestJet customer representative for your needs. WestJet has a very comprehensive website that has many features meant to assist passengers directly. The website allows passengers to book new tickets change or cancel existing ticket bookings, and many other miscellaneous things. There are often steep discounts available on the Westjet website exclusively for online bookings only.

If you still want to contact WestJet over the phone, please note that Westjet’s customer service agents will only be able to assist passengers with itineraries booked through them directly. If the passengers have booked their tickets through a third party such as a travel agency or another airline, they will have to contact them to get support for their issues.

During travel -

Before you pack your things up for travel and start at the airport, there are some things we would like to suggest to you. First, please check online on the WestJet website to see whether your ticket has been confirmed and whether the flight has been booked successfully or not. Also please check the status of the flight. You should make sure that the flight has not been delayed and has arrived at the airport and will proceed to the next leg of the journey. You should also make a note of the check-in and gate cut-off times and make sure you arrive well before them.

Once you reach the airport, we suggest that you speak to a representative in uniform about any immediate assistance you may need at the airport before the flight.

When you have boarded the flight the best persons to contact for any assistance are the flight attendants. They are specially trained to make the flying experience of all passengers as safe and as pleasant as possible. So they will make it their top priority to assist you with any concerns you may have.

After travel -

If you want to contact WestJet for assistance with any delayed or damaged baggage, or for help with lost items or tracking items left on board, call at 1-888-937-8538. For items left in the airport, you should contact the airport authorities.

Is WestJet customer service 24 hours?

Yes, WestJet provides 24 hours customer service, but it depends on the mode available. WestJet airlines provide various modes to contact WestJet customer service.

Via Email- Customers can connect to customer care of Westjet via Email at any time. They can send emails whenever they want. Email service is available 24*7.

Via social media- if the customer wants to know about the upcoming and ongoing deals and offers customer may connect with WestJet airline at any time. It is also available 24 hours.

How do I contact WestJet by email?

Via Email Support

Step 1: Compose a mail writing down about all your issues.
Step 2: Send them the mail via an active email id.
Step 3: On reviewing your mail, the representative will mail you back with an effective solution.

In case of any further assistance, if required, regarding the Westjet reservation process, policies, or any other query, the customer can be contacted via various different modes. The representatives will always be presenting the most helpful and effective solutions. All the information regarding customer service assistance is available on the official website of WestJet Airlines.

How do I contact WestJet from Mexico?

Are you one of the travelers who reside in Mexico and have confirmed your bookings with WestJet and have some queries? Well, then you can reach out to the Westjet airline customer service for assistance by using the information mentioned below.

For travelers who are looking to contact WestJet from Mexico, you have to need to dial 001-855-269-2979 or +52 5541609861 and get immediate assistance.

Westjet Mexico Phone Number   001-855-269-2979

How do I contact WestJet from the UK?

Travelers who want to contact WestJet from the UK, dial Westjet United Kingdom phone number 0-800-279-7072 and contact Westjet customer service.

What is WestJet's phone number?

WestJet customer service number is: 1 (888) 937-8538

Westjet Other Countries Phone Number Information


WestJet Antigua and Barbuda Phone number 1-888-937-8538
WestJet Bahamas Phone number 1-866-884-9188
WestJet Barbados Phone number 1-800-204-5647
WestJet Bermuda Phone number 1-800-204-0020
WestJet Canada Phone number 1-888-937-8538
WestJet Costa Rica Phone number 800-5381-5696
WestJet Dominican Republic Phone number 1-800-148-5344
WestJet Grand Cayman Phone number 1-800-204-0081
WestJet Jamaica Phone number 1-800-288-1029
WestJet Puerto Rico 1-866-886-2388
WestJet Saint Lucia 1-800 204-0409
WestJet Trinidad and Tobago 0018662086924
WestJet Turks and Caicos 1-866-887-1588
WestJet USA phone number 1-888-937-8538
WestJet Canada phone number 1-888-937-8538
WestJet Mexico Phone number 001-855-269-2979 or +52 5541609861



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