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How do I get through to Alitalia? 

Alitalia Airlines is the biggest airline in Italy. And it is named is related to the Italian language. In addition, it can operate several Airbuses, 34 domestic cities, or intercontinental locations or destinations. Therefore, many passengers feel easy and comfortable due to the excellent services they explore while flying with this airline. Also, passengers feel happy and satisfied when they take the customer services aids. 

So, whenever a passenger can interact with any issue, they call the live agent on the Alitalia customer service phone number, which is +1 877-793-1717 (toll-free within the USA) or 800 936090 (from Italy). If you want to know how to call Alitalia customer support person, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate the Alitalia Airlines browser on your search engine
  • Find the “contact us” tab under the homepage.
  • Then, you have to look for the phone call section and take the number from there.
  • And call the live agent at +1 877-793-1717 (help support) and direct talk to a live person at Alitalia Airlines.
  • And the call will be converted in the IVR process, so you have to listen out the options cited below.
  1. Dial 1 to reserve the seats on the Alitalia flight. 
  2. Dial 2 to change the itinerary receipt.
  3. To revoke the flight and get a refund, dial 3
  4. Dial 4 to get special assistance while on board the flight
  5. Dial 5 to talk with the live representative of Alitalia Airlines.
  • Thus, you have to click on button 5 to talk directly with the live agent of Alitalia Airlines customer service. 

How do I contact ITA Airways?

If you want to speak to a live person at Alitalia Airlines via phone, please contact through the mentioned phone number:

From the USA

Dial 877-793-1717 (Toll-free number within the USA)
Dial 866-725-7077 (Toll-free number within Canada)

Customer service hours: 24 hours daily, 7 days a week

From Italy:

Dial 800 936090 for flight cancellations, special assistance, refund, flight change, or complaint.

The customer service hours are different according to the services.

Dial 893 49049 for new and existing reservations (daily 06:00-24:00)

From abroad:

Dial +39 06 85960020 for reservations, changes and refunds, flight status, fares, and other information (daily 06:00-24:00)

You can request special assistance from Alitalia customer service, please email at specialassistance@ita-airways.com

For complaints: 


How do I talk to a live person at Alitalia Airlines? 

Therefore, if the Alitalia airlines toll-free number is ringing, but the Alitalia person can’t receive the call, you can readily speak with the live agent by another available method in this article. For that, you must track down the following article.  

Get through to Alitalia with chat support: Also, at the website of Alitalia airlines, you will attire the option of “live chat” or “chat with us” section. Click on it to get instant service with a support person. Further, you have to write “need help,” and you will attain an instant response from the airline person. You have to take this and click on that option. The airline will reply to you about your issues and quickly solve your difficulties. 

Get a human at Alitalia Airlines

Thus, you must pursue the steps of calling Alitalia airlines to support person by dialing the ita airways toll-free number: +1 877-793-1717

  1. Then, you must find the “contact support” option and tap on that option.
  2. After that, you have to click on the phone call section.
  3. Get the ita airways phone number from there. 
  4. Call them at +1 877-793-1717*, and you will quickly get through with them. 

Through email: You have to open the Alitalia web portal and look for the contact tab. And click on that option. Further, you must find the official email address and paste it into the mailbox. Also, you need to take the mail address of customerservice@alitalia.com. After that, you must enter your query in the mail. And request to take assistance from the airline person. Then, send this mail to the airlines. Further, the airline will get in touch with you easily and resolve your issues quickly. 

Via social media chat: You can get in touch with the live person through Alitalia Airlines chat support on social media. Therefore, you must scroll the web portal to the “social media” section. Also, you must click on the specific site linked up with the airlines rapidly. And, that linked pages with Alitalia Airlines are:

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Alitalia
Twitter- https://twitter.com/Alitalia
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/alitaliaofficial/
LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/alitaliaofficial

Compose your difficulties in the message box and send your issues to the airlines. Further, the airline will provide instant support to resolve your problems quickly. 

Hence, the methods to contact Air Alitalia by phone, live chat, email, and social media will help you get assistance from the airline to resolve all kinds of issues you are interacting with while taking its services.

What is the Alitalia Airlines customer service available hours?

Moreover, if you search for what hours the customer service is available to talk with the live agent. So, Alitalia 24 hour customer service can provide by the airlines. Also, if you have any issues, you can promptly sort them out whenever you need them 24* 7.

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