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How Much is 40,000 Miles Worth?

When you frequently travel by air transport, you can purchase the membership and earn the travel credit that can be used for a future booking. You can also get many other benefits such as baggage, lounges, free itinerary changes, and so on. Moreover, if you are already a member of the Airline and have 40,000 in the account but want to know about its value, then read the subheadings because these values vary from one Airline to another, and there you can have the relevant information about it.

Discover information on Airlines 40,000 miles for a dollar 

The values of miles that appear on your account could depend on the airline member. If you are searching for Alaska, American, or united airlines miles value of 40 000 miles, then refer to the below points. But the exact information about this could obtain by communicating with the customer service of the respective airlines.

  • Spirit Airlines could be around $300.
  • Frontier Airlines, maybe $360.
  • Hawaiian Airlines, you can get $400.
  • United Airlines, you may receive $480.
  • Alaska Airlines, an estimate could be $480.
  • American Airlines, value can be $600.
  • Delta Airlines, the cost may be $600.
  • Jetblue, worth $600.
  • Southwest Airlines, excepted, could be $600.

Know about the 40 000 miles value according to the Airline

While pursuing the above title, you can get brief details about the worth of 40K miles on different airlines. But the illustrated information is based on the Airline, and you can get from the bottom:-

United Airlines

It is one of the vital airlines in America and is also a member of the Star Alliance. In this alliance, you can locate the various airline member and utilize miles but cannot transfer that. The united airlines miles worth, you can get 1.2 cents per mile, bringing the value of 40,000 to $480.

Thus, this Airline covers various destinations, so booking a nonstop flight could cost 30,000 to 40,000. But for short-haul flights, you may get to spend around 6500 miles. In this way, you get to complete three round trips for 40k.

Delta Airlines

It is the oldest Airline in the United States and also an international airline. This is a partner member of SkyTeam, so you can use miles earned here on its partner member, such as Air France, China Eastern, Aeromexico, and so on. Likewise, on United Airlines, you can get United MileagePlus miles that can be used on its partner airline, not the SkyTeam members. In Delta Airlines, a mile estimated is 1.5 cents; by changing 40,000 miles, you can get $600. Under this Airline, you can get economy award tickets with certain advantages, such as choosing seats without paying the additional cost. United MileagePlus miles

On Delta Airlines, the price of the award tickets is not enough for the original fares. If you purchase the basic economy flight ticket for San Fransisco to Orlando, it may charge you around $138, and for miles, you may get to spend about 9000. And if you have 40k miles in the account, you may conduct three round trips across these destinations.

Alaska Airlines

This Airline is the partner group of one world Alliance, a major airline. That it flies to many domestic as well as international destinations. It is a member of the Oneworld alliance so by earning the miles you can get to make the reservation on its membership too but the redemption per mile could get different. The cost of the one mile here is around 1.2 cents, but the value of this might be different on its operated flight and partner airlines. 

So the value of 40 000 miles could become $480, similar to the United Airlines miles program values. And the use of that could depend on the fare type, requirement, and routes. That for the three one-way flights to Orlando may cost 37,000 miles, but the nonstop flight from San Francisco to Fiji could be 40,000. 

American Airlines

It is an important airline in the United States and the largest according to fleet size. This is also a member of Oneworld, and here you can become a member under the AAdvantage program. And the value of its award rate could depend on the semi-fixed award chat that here, you could be charged as per the list that is listed by the Airline. And the estimated rate of single miles could be around 1.5 cents. Thus the value of 40,000 miles could be around $600.


It is known as the seventh largest Airline in North America and also the major American low-cost carrier. This Airline offers membership by the name of TrueBlue, and here the cost of one mile is around 1.5 cents. And if you have 40,000 miles in the account, then it's valued worth about $600.

While carrying such points in the accounts, you can use that to make payments for the services offered by the Airline. When you urge to book a flight between New York and the Bahamas, it could charge around $123, and for the points, the charges could be 6,900. But for the round trip on similar destinations might be 5700 points.

Spirit Airlines

This is an ultra-low-cost airline in the United States. If you are a Spirit Saver Club member, you get the advantage of a point transfer from a family member, and it may not expire. There the value of one mile is around 0.75, and the worth of 10 000 miles is around $150. So the value of 40K miles brings to $300.

Hence, you can use the value of this mile to reduce the fare cost as per its value because this airline work on fare based redemption system. And here, you may get to redeem the value of 2500 points minimum cost of $50. While using such miles you can complete at least eight round trips of value worth 40,000 points. On reservation, the redemption fees also applied as per the below stated conditions:-

  • Within 28 days from the departure, the charge could be around $50.
  • And before 28 days of flight departure, there could be no additional cost
Southwest Airlines

This Airline is named the world's largest low-cost carrier and is classified as one of the major American Airlines. While getting here, you can carry at least two checked baggage and be excluded from the itinerary change fees. When a member, you can receive miles on every travel, and one point is about 1.5 cents. When you convert 40,000 miles, then you can receive points of about $600.

On this Airline, you can get low-fare calendar options by which the cost of the whole month can be displayed at once. The flight routes from Cabo to Los Angles points could be 2400, but for the round trip, the miles could be 39,000. 

Frontier Airlines

It is an ultra-low-cost that flies to domestic as well as international routes. At the same time, becoming certain benefits on the activation and redemption miles as per the requirement. The lowest miles you can use is 10 000 for each way. So, the value of one mile is 0.9 cents; that s why the 40 000 mile is around $360.

Furthermore, if you are taking a one-way domestic flight, then the average miles that you get to spend is between 10,000 to 23,000, and it could depend on the fare types and availability. Thus, even by stretching out the maximum limit of miles, you may easily complete your round trip.

However, here is the list of fees that could be applied based on the flight departure days:-

  • If you are conducting your booking prior to 180 days, then you might not be charged any additional fees.
  • And for a reservation between 21 to 179 days, the fees could be around $15.
  • For 7 to 20 days prior to the flight departure, $50.
  • Within six days, the fees could be $75.
Hawaiian Airlines 

This one is one of the commercial flights in the United States. It is not a part of any alliance member but has few partners in an airline. And the miles that can be used for booking is between 7500 to 20,000 for each side. So the value of a mile is equal to 1 cent, and that's why the cost of 40,000 is around $400.

Accordingly, the destination lies between the west coast and Hawaii and could cost you around 40k miles for the round trips.

Further, the miles you can save on the reservation for bay Area travelers could be 6000 across the country. But the booking that has been made from San Jose to Orlando can be low as 6500 miles which means you get to travel three one way by spending 39,000 miles. This is when you book a flight on American Airlines, but for the partner member, the cost could get vary.

Consequently, while getting through here, you can gain awareness about the United mile's worth and the values of other airlines. This value might be changed as it is dynamic, not static. So it is better to approach the airline customer service team for confirmation prior to redemption.


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