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Learn the ways to change flight on Jetstar and flight change policy

You can change flights with Jetstar through an online approach where you will get a digital platform on which you can perform every other task while sitting at your preferred location. You can change Jetstar flight through the following procedure mentioned below. The process is very easy to apply as all the below discussed steps are explained in layman's language.

Online process to change flights with Jetstar

  • You need to visit the official website home page of Jetstar and log in through your account. https://www.jetstar.com/

  • Then move to the manage booking tab.

  • Enter your booking reference number and last name.

  • Now the page will show you the list of flights, select your suitable flight from the list and click on the flight change button.

  • You can change your flight details according to your needs and confirm them.

  • Before confirmation, double-check the details to avoid any errors.

  • At last, you can make necessary payments according to your changes (if any) through different modes of payment gateways.

The airline will drop confirmation code messages on your registered contact details, such as your email address or phone number. 

Contact Jetstar support for flight change

In case you are confused regarding change Jetstar booking online, you can connect with the customer service executive through a toll-free number 1 (866) 397-8170 available 24 hours and seven days for instant help of the passengers.

How much is the Jetstar flight change fee?

Airlines charge some amount for change flight on jetstar. The flight change fees may vary according to your booked flight type. During an expensive flight, you need to pay some extra amount, and if the new flight is cheap, you will get compensation for your given flight fare.

  • If it is a domestic flight, it may cost you around 60$ change fee.
  • If it is an international flight, then it may cost you around 65$ change fee.

Sometimes the fees issued by the airline authority depend on the change jetstar flight destination as routes can impact the price of the new flight that you have changed, so be sure about the new flight and its extra expenses to be paid.

What is the Jetstar flight change policy?

You need to be aware of the Jetstar flight change guidelines by which you can make changes in your flight securely. The policies are made in such a way that none of you will make mistakes and can make changes free of cost. The policies are made under the supervision of senior authorities in order to create an etiquette and trustworthy environment among the airline authorities and clients.

If you made a booking through a third party or travel agent, then in case of a flight change, you need to contact that agent for further modification in your flight details; other than that, you cannot make changes through the Jetstar official site.

If you have made changes in your flight within the time limit, then you are entitled to make modifications free of cost. Jetstar changing flights within 24 hours will help you in doing so. According to the 24-hour policy, if you modify your flight details after 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket, you need to pay a flight change fee.

On the other way, if you make a modification within 24 hours of flight booking, you need not pay a changed fare.

Can I get on an earlier Jetstar flight?

Yes, you can get on an earlier Jetstar flight. You can change jet star flight dates and visit your destination quickly. You can use the one-hour quick fix window where you can make modifications, and you won't be charged a change fee.

Can I change JetStar flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can change Jetstar flight within 24 hours in order to avoid flight change fees. If you exceed the limit of 24 hours, then you need to pay a fine as a flight change fee which you can pay through different payment options.

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