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How do I change my Vivaaerobus reservation?

Do you want to change the Viva Aerobus flight but are having trouble because you have some changes in your plan? Here are the ways you can easily change vivaAerobus Flight mentioned there, which will assist you in changing your flight. So, this article will help you in upgrading your flight. 

Change Viva Aerobus flight date online

  • Search for Viva Aerobus official website in your search engine. https://www.vivaaerobus.com/en-us/

  • Go to the “My Booking” column and tap this option.

  • Then you need to fill out the crucial details of the “PNR number” and your “last name” to access the account.

  • After that, the full details of the reserved flight are now on your screen.

  • Now you can edit your details, change your flight date, name with Vivaaerobus.

  • Save it, and the airline will confirm by sending your confirmation to your mail or phone number.

How much cost is it to reschedule a flight with Viva Aerobus?

While rescheduling the Viva Aerobus flight, you are looking for the flight change cost. So, according to the Viva Aerobus flight change policy, you must pay $80 to $200. In addition, if you reschedule an international flight, the Viva Aerobus pays $75 to $400.

What is the Viva Aerobus flight change policy?

Whenever you change your Viva Aerobus ticket date, it is necessary to read the flight change policy because it will help you upgrade the flight by paying or not. For this, you must go through the procedure mentioned there. 

  1. Flight changes are allowed at Viva Aerobus instead of the airport and terminal.
  2. If you are sucessfull to change your flight with Viva Aerobus within 24 hours, then you have no need to pay the charges.
  3. If you make chages after 24 hours of reservation, you have to pay the  Viva Aerobus flight change fee.
  4. You need to pay the fare while changing the domestic flights from USD 80 to USD 200 and for international flights, pay USD 75 to USD 400 with Viva Aerobus.
  5. When changing flight, it is possible to change the date and time.
  6. When changing their Viva Aerobus flight, a passenger receives the previous seat and reservation number. If you upgrade your seat, payment is also required, and confirmation will be sent to your device.

Contact the Viva Aerobus agent for the flight change

Here are the steps for contacting the Viva Aerobus agent for the flight change. For this, you need to call on the Vivaaerobus flight change phone number +52 81 82 150 150 from Mexico or dial 866 359 8482 from the USA. 

Press 1 to reserve the seats
Press 2 to cancel the ticket
To get a refund from the airlines, press 3
Press 4 to change your Viva Aerobus ticket
Press 6 to speak with the live agent

So, press 4 to change our Viva Aerobus flight. And, pay the Vivaaerobus flight change fee after changing; you will get its notification on your phone.


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