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Japan Airlines always take care of the needs of the passengers and provide flights accordingly. You can reserve your flight seat with them and enjoy all the facilities. Once you make the reservation, you need to do the JAL airlines check-in and obtain the boarding pass. You can do the online check-in at the website of Japan Airlines, and for detailed information, you can read further.

How can I check-in with JAL?

JAL allows you to do the check-in online by performing some steps. Therefore for Japan Airlines online check-in, you can do the below steps:

  • First, you need to open the Japan Airlines official website https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/

  • Then, you need to tap on the web check-in option from the top of the website. https://www.jal.co.jp/jp/en/inter/boarding/quic/info/

  • You need to add the reservation number, departure date, last name, first name, flight number, and tap on the identification button for identification.

  • After that, you need to select the passenger for the check-in, and if the ticket has only one passenger, a website will skip this window.

  • You need to add the passenger step by step with the correct details.

  • You will see the restricted item page and tap on the “I have read and agreed to the policies on restricted items which are prohibited in carry-on or check-in baggage option.”

  • You need to confirm the seat number and flight information for the check-in. This website will assign you the seat, and you can also change the seat from the seat map.

  • You need to tap on the continue button, to proceed further.

  • You need to select the passenger and seat for them. Then, you need to tap on the confirm seat tab.

  • You are required to add the passport and tap on the confirm details option.

  • At last, you need to add the contact details like email id and phone number to send the flight updates.

You are required to select the suitable model to get the boarding pass, and you need to take the printout of the boarding pass to use in the future.

How early can I check in for Japan Airlines?

Online check-in for Japan airlines is available 24 hours till one hour before the departure. As per the JAL check-in time, you can get the boarding pass online. Apart from the online check-in, you can also do the check-in at the airport before departure.

How do I get my boarding pass for Japan Airlines?

You can get your boarding pass for JAPAN Airlines through web check-in/Via the Mobile app or offline directly at the airport. Web check-in could be done within 24 hours to one hour before boarding. Here you can see the procedure below.

  • To do so, fill in your name and PNR details online by going to the check-in options; you can also apply for automatic check-in. 
  • Now select the passengers to be checked in. 
  • Confirm the terms and conditions for restricted items
  • Now confirm the seat selection and your flight information.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the check-in process.

Upon completing the web check-in, you can save your Japan Airlines boarding pass in the desired format. If you check-in via mobile app, you can save your e-boarding pass on the mobile and show it at the airport. 

Besides, you can also use a kiosk placed at the airport to print out your boarding pass, or you can get it directly in person at the check-in counter at the airport.

When can I check in JAL?


You can web check-in JAL 24 hours prior and up to 1 hour before your flight departure. For reservations that a third-party book, you can apply for the automatic check-in more than 24 hours before flight departure.

How many checked bags JAL?

You are allowed to take a 23-32 kg checked bag with you on the journey. For that, you need to do the Japan airlines counter-check in to verify your luggage for the boarding.

Japan Airlines has segregated its baggage policy into two segments. For standard passengers, baggage policy is as under:-

Three bags of 70 pounds are allowed for first and business-class passengers. For passengers traveling in premium economy class and economy class, two bags of 50 pounds each are allowed.

For JBM FLY ON and JGC members, the baggage policy is as under:-

Four bags of 70 pounds are allowed for first-class and business-class passengers, and three bags of 50 pounds are allowed for premium economy and economy-class passengers.

Does Japan Airlines require a Covid test? 

All the passengers entering japan are required to take the Covid test 72 hours before departure. You need to submit the negative certificate of Covid before the Japan airlines web check-in and avail of the boarding pass online or at the airport. 

For further information regarding JAL Airline online check-in, passengers can also contact Japan Airlines customer service by dialing 1 (800) 525-3663 and sending an e-mail at jal_priority@jal.com to get quick and hassle-free assistance.


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