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KLM Seat Upgrade 

People are often indecisive when it comes to choosing between low-cost, simple facilities and better and slightly expensive ones. Most of the time, people choose the former one. But when just a little extra money can give you a far better experience, people want to make changes afterward. Flight seat upgrade is one of those services that people usually get confused with. 

Passengers who are due to travel via KLM Airlines and want to make changes to their seat reservation in hopes of having a better experience must have doubts regarding KLM seat upgrade policies and procedures. If you want to know the DOs and DON’Ts of this service, then you must go through this article. These are the top, most common topics related to the KLM Airline seat upgrade.

Steps to upgrade seat on KLM Airline

KLM Airlines has a very simple and easy procedure for upgrading seats. You essentially upgrade your ticket class when you request a seat upgrade, and you have the power in your hands to do so. 

  • Log into your account at www.klm.com and go to the ‘Manage My Account section.

  • If you don’t have an account, locate the ‘My Bookings’ tile on the website. When you open this tile to make a KLM seat upgrade, the site will ask you to fill in your flight details and the credentials. 

  • The website will fetch your flight details.

  • Press the “Change or Upgrade My Reservation” tile.

  • A list of available upgrades will appear. Select the option you prefer.

  • Make the necessary payment.

  • Once the process is complete, you will see a confirmation email in your email account.

KLM seat upgrade policies

  1. All upgrade requests must be made 24 hours before the scheduled take-off.

  2. You could apply for an upgrade only if you booked at the official website or through the KLM ticketing counter.

  3. The KLM seat upgrade policy states you can only upgrade KLM-operated flights and not tickets booked through partner airlines.

  4. The upgrade fare will depend on the class and route you book and is not fixed.

  5. You may only apply for an upgrade if your ticket is eligible for it. 

How much does it cost to upgrade Business Class on KLM?

If you want to upgrade your ticket from economy to business class, then you can do so 30 hours before they take off during the online check-in process. You will need to pay an additional fare that can go from $100 to $325. The KLM business class upgrade cost is based on the duration, route, and location you travel to. If you have KLM points, then you can use them to make the payment as well. One hundred KLM points equal $1.40. Hence if you are a frequent customer, you can easily afford the upgrade.

Can I bid for an upgrade on KLM?

Many airlines around the world have introduced the bidding option to get business seats. KLM also has the option and runs this scheme often. When this option is available, an email will notify you about the bidding. This will happen approximately 24 to 30 hours before the scheduled take-off. If someone wins over your bidding, an email will notify you, and you can increase your price to bid again.

Does KLM offer premium economy seats?

Currently, the airline does not offer a Premium Economy Class, but they do have Economy Comfort. This is available at a KLM upgrade cost and will give some extra legroom. The price is higher than normal Economy Class, and you can choose to pay for this upgrade through your voucher, airline points, or your bank account.

How do I pay for an upgrade on KLM?

Passengers who request an upgrade pay the necessary amount at the time of request submission. In the final step, before you submit your request form, the website, or app, will ask you to choose a method to complete the upgrade. You can pay via your credit/debit card, through your KLM points, and by using a valid voucher. You can also use a combination of the above payment options to complete the transaction. 

Can I use my KLM miles to upgrade?

The KLM seat upgrade policy allows the passengers to use their KLM Miles point to pay for the upgrade service. You can use your KLM Flying Blue Miles points in combination with your credit/debit card to complete the payment. This option is useful when you don’t have enough Miles points to cover an expense. Typically, 20,000 miles points will fetch you $280 worth of service.

How to get a free upgrade on KLM?

As per the policies, a free upgrade is only possible for members of the KLM Flying Blue Miles program. Passengers collect points on every 200 miles they fly and then can use these points to get a KLM free upgrade to business class. Apart from this, passengers can also get a free upgrade when the airline is running a short-term offer where the price is reduced significantly, and these points will literally make the upgrade free.   

If you are still facing a problem with the KLM seat upgrade, passengers are advised to contact customer service by dialing 1 (800) 618-0104. They are active round the clock and have all details ready with them. They will be delighted to upgrade your seat for you and assist in other services.

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