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Getting refunds back from Spirit airlines is not a hectic task to perform, but first, you must understand the circumstances under which you avail the refunds against your canceled flight ticket. So the unconditional situations which occur to cancel your ticket are like when you plan a trip for international destinations with family or friends but suddenly you notice that your planned destination is not safe to travel due to bad weather condition or flight is canceled or rescheduling passengers ticket due to COVID condition, so in such position, the most considered option is to get Spirit Airlines to refund after you cancel your air ticket of Spirit Airlines online or via the help of a representative.

Therefore, to know about the exact procedure through which you will get a refund from Spirit Airlines, you need to fill out the refund request form or online by visiting the official website, and then you will quite smoothly start your refund process with Spirit airlines.

Steps to get a refund from Spirit Airlines

  • You need to open the official website of Spirit Airlines. https://www.spirit.com/

  • After that sign in to your account.

  • Now on the homepage, you will click on the "MY TRIPS" tab. https://www.spirit.com/my-trips/find-trip 

  • Next there provide the ticket details like the "Last Name" of the passenger and "Confirmation Code" and click over the continue button.

  • Then you get your booking listed over the next page.

  • Here select your ticket and tap onto refund application form button, and fill the page with correct information;

  1. At first enter, the travelers contact details like full name, email address, phone number, and other essential details 

  2. After that, you will select your trip type which you booked at booking initials 

  3. After which, click on the drop-down box and from there choose refund reason 

  4. Now explain the reason within 1000 characters and then hit onto terms and conditions too

  5. Next, you move to submit button and press over it, and you will receive a confirmation email regarding the refund summary.

For further information regarding refund, you can also speak with Spirit Airlines live person by dialing toll-free 1 (855) 728-3555 to get quick assistance. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

The time taken to get a refund from Spirit Airlines is completely dependent upon the Spirit Airlines refund request, which you start from the time of the request. Generally, the refund time usually depends upon the mode of payment you choose at the booking time. So, online modes like credit/debit cards usually take 7-10 working days for the payments made via net banking. Further, the payment you make via cash or check like you bought the ticket from the airport reservation counter will take approximately 20 business days.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Generally, when you start the procedure for a refund from Spirit Airlines, you must keep in mind that you will get refunds under terms and conditions like refund policies powered by Spirit Airlines. So to get valid points in regards to the Spirit Airlines refund policy, then you will have to go by these points step-wise, and accordingly, you will get refunds processed.

  • If the passenger cancels their air ticket within 24 hours of risk-free window time, then according to Spirit Airlines refund policy, the passenger will get full refunds.

  • But if you cancel your ticket beyond 24 hours, then the risk-free window is over, and for canceling your flight, you will have to pay cancellation charges, and after proper deduction, you will get refunds in the form of e-tickets or vouchers for future bookings.

  • Moreover, for the customers who buy non-refundable reservations, and skip adding travel insurance, then under terms and conditions, refunds on unused portion are provided, but that too if death or health issues are there because customers will have to provide death or medical certificate in regards to it.

  • Finally, passengers will get a complete refund before and beyond 24 hours of booking for refundable tickets depending upon the terms and conditions related to refundable fare types.

Does Spirit Airlines refund money?

Yes, of course, passengers are provided back the refunds or money from Spirit Airlines under some terms and conditions which you are going to get by visiting the airline's official website page and therein move into policies section their choose your priority and then read the appropriate point as mentioned there for your guidance. However, to accurately know about the Spirit Airlines refund time, you must contact the Spirit airlines customer service team 1 (855) 728-3555 to get appropriate help regarding the time it takes to refund money.


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