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WestJet Travel with Infant, Child, and Pregnancy Policy

Are you planning to travel with an infant, child, or during pregnancy with WestJet Airlines? If yes, here is a quick travel policy under which you can travel during pregnancy or with a child or infant. To know the terms and conditions, you may read ahead.

WestJet Airlines is a prominent Canadian airline that is well-known for its services and features. The airline is also known for its passenger-friendly policies. The policies allow the passengers to travel conveniently. If you are traveling with an infant or child, you need to follow specific rules and regulations. Here is an overview of the WestJet travel with baby, child, or during pregnancy policy. Before boarding the flight, you may go through the procedure.

Westjet travel policy for infants (Under two years)

If you are traveling with an infant, there are specific rules under which you can travel. The WestJet travel with infant policy is here to travel with a baby under two years of age. You can travel with an infant under the below-given terms:

  • If you are traveling with a baby less than one month old, you need to get a regular check-up done before traveling. You can consult a physician or a pediatrician for a check-up.

  • The airline allows only one infant per adult passenger.

  • While traveling with an infant, if you are carrying a car seat, it will be counted as checked baggage. In case of oversize or overweight, you will also have to pay the additional baggage fee.

  • If you are traveling within Canada, you will not be charged any additional fee for the infant.

  • The infant will be sitting on the lap of the adult passenger on the flights within Canada.

  • For the flights to the US, you will have to pay the APHIS fee for the infant. On the flights to the US, you will get a separate seat for the infant.

  • If the infant is two years old or more, you will have to purchase a separate seat on a WestJet flight.

WestJet Travel Policy for a child ( 2 to 12 years)

If you are traveling with a child between 2 to 12 years of age, there are specific rules under which you can travel. The WestJet travel with child policy allows you to travel with a child without any difficulty. A brief about the travel policy is given below:

  1. If you are traveling with a child more than two years of age, you need to buy an adult fare ticket for the child.

  2. You also need to purchase a separate ticket for the child on both domestic and international flights.

  3. You need to book your seats in advance to get the seat with the child traveling with you. If you keep the seat selection for the last moment, there are possibilities of not getting seats together.

For Expectant mothers

  • If you are traveling during pregnancy, the airline expects you to get a regular check-up from your physician before traveling.

  • The airline allows the expectant mothers to choose their preferred seat in advance and offers their seats at low prices.

  • The airline sometimes also provides complimentary upgrades to expectant mothers. Hence, if you are not comfortable in your seat, you can also ask for a seat change.

  • WestJet recommends aisle seats for pregnant women. It will help them to move freely during the flight and get access to the lavatory.

If you still have any doubts about WestJet’s policy of traveling with a baby, child, or during pregnancy, there is no need to worry. You can contact customer service and speak to a live agent at Westjet about it. You can also check out the official website of WestJet Airlines to seek more information about the child travel policy.

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