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Avis - Book a Car on Rent with Cheap Car Rental Deals

Avis is one of the top-rated American car rental companies that contains a fleet of more than 2500+ premium cars in more than 20 cities in India along with 50+ rental stations. Avis is highly known for providing the best in class car rental services and you can find varied services such as Rent-A-Car, Operating Lease, and Chauffeur Drive that highly capable to proffer short term and long term car rental solutions to every customer whether it’s retail or corporate. From GPS features to 24/7 customer support, everything you can find with Avis car rental.

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How does Avis car rental work?

Avis car rental always subject to the validation of a customer and you can easily pick up a rental car if you have the below things that are highly required:

  • You must have a valid driving license issued by the govt. authorized transportation department.

  • Individuals’ age must be 25 or older while renting a car and if the renter’s age is between 18 to 24, then surcharges will be applicable.
  • Renters will be representing the record of safe driving or renters should be free from any bad driving complaints.
  • Renters have to fill the forms of identification along with the payment and personal information.

Avis Car Rental Requirements

As, we getting the car on rental basis is very beneficial but it is a risky job too, & some of the things are required that each customer or additional driver must present the driver’s license, Avis minimum age requirement as set by them, they must have an acceptable driving record with them or must hold an Avis honored charge card or cash rental qualification. The age requirement at Avis must be above 25. The person must have a valid driving license that should not be suspended, expired, canceled, or surrendered.

As for what are Avis car rental requirements, a temporary driver’s license would be applicable only when it has no restrictions & is valid for the entire period of the rental. In some cases, it is looked that the driver should not have 3 or more accidents within 36 months. It also has been looked on that driver should not have used the vehicle at a crime scene or involved in it. 

How do I contact Avis car rental?

If you have any kind of query related to services provided by Avis car rental or you want to submit any kind of complaint, then you should contact the customer service team of Avis car rental and you can contact it with the help of the below options:

  • Contact via email: You can send an email to Avis after describing your query or problem to their official email address custserv@avis.com and they will immediately respond to you with the perfect solutions upon your request.
  • Contact via phone: You can dial 1-800-352-7900 or 1-802-317-8353 and directly contact Avis car rental company where the customer service representative will help you upon your all kinds of problems or queries.

How do I get a refund from Avis?

If your plan has changed and you want to cancel your car rental due to any other kind of reason, then you can easily cancel your car rental before the scheduled pick-up time of rental. You will be eligible for a refund if you will cancel before the pick-up timing and you will be charged a starting cancellation fee of $50 if you cancel your prepaid reservations 24 hours before the scheduled departure and the refund will be provided after deducting the cancellation fee.  You can make a refund request by contacting the customer service team of Avis car Rental Company after dialing their toll-free number.

How much does Avis charge for late return?

Whenever you rent a car from Avis, then you are agreed to accept the terms that you will return the car in the original condition and the time period for that you rented it. If you late return the car rental whatever you have a reason, then you will be charged some late fee that depends on the time period in which you returned the rental car. You may follow the below-given charges upon the late return of Avis:

  1. If you return Avis rental car 30 minutes to 1 hour late, then you will have to pay the extra 3/4 of a day. If the late duration goes up to 90 minutes, then it will be charged for the extra day.
  2. The extra return charge depends on the agreement that you sign and it mostly starts from $25 and reset is depend on the duration of returning period of a rental car.

Does Avis car rental include insurance?

No, you don’t need to purchase any kind of insurance during Avis car rental because Avis rental cars are already insured as per the local laws. But it is always advised to rent an insured car because you will be responsible for any kind of damage that you will have to pay to the Avis car rental company. Avis also proffers multiple affordable insurance options for the car rental, or you can also pick another one as per your choice. In some cases, the required coverage provided by Avis only if the rental has their personal insurance. You can check the agreement while getting any kind of car rental on Avis or you can contact the customer service team regarding that.

Does Avis rental car charge a deposit?

Yes, Avis rental car charge a deposit that you have to pay on the duration of the car rental and this amount could be above the estimated cost of rental that includes rental charges, contract fee, waivers, refueling, and any other additional service. The rental car deposit charges actually depend on the duration of returning and many other things that you can know at the time of car rental in a very simple manner. You can also contact the customer service team or visit the official Avis website to get the best knowledge. 

Does Avis car rental require a deposit?

No, for sure Avis renting a car does not require a deposit to reserve a car. But on the other hand, Avis honored charge card must be presented at the time of rental. The average holding amount that does not include rental cost is around 2800, but this may vary according to the specific rental. And this condition is applicable to some of the terms & conditions that have been made by Avis for the purpose of the deposit.

The question is does Avis car rental requires a deposit, yes in some cases the required deposit is mandatory. But the security deposit that is with Avis is refunded within 15 working days after all the necessary requirements are fulfilled. If in case you are not able to return the vehicle as agreed in the agreement, then Avis has the additional authorization from your account, so that they can recover the rental charges. Avis will not be responsible for any kind of returned checks or overdraft based on this policy.

 How much is the deposit for Avis rental car?

Generally, for the Avis rental car, the company requires a credit card hold of a total estimated charge of $200 USD. And in case if you are in prepaid with the debit card then the hold is around $100 USD. And also keep in mind that a prepaid card is not accepted for this type of required hold. The situation is dependent upon how are the rules & regulations are been made by the Avis company for the utilization of rental cars for customers.

As we look for how much is the deposit for Avis rental car, then it will be concluded that the terms & the policies that have been designed by the Avis are very particular in means, the rent that is estimated is around rental charges with the plus deposit, typically $200 to $300.

Hence, if you need further information regarding Avis rental policies then you are free to contact the customer care support team, which is available 24/7 to assist you with the best solutions.


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