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Swiss airlines is an air shuttle in Switzerland. It is a certified four-star airline with extraordinary services. If passengers are traveling with Swiss Air but due to sudden change in their plan and want to change the departure date on their flight ticket. As the airline is always trying to help the passengers, they provide Swiss Air change flights with a very flexible flight change policy along with many options through which the passengers can easily change the date of flight reservation. 

Modes through which you can change your Swiss Air flight date:

Using the manage booking option: Swiss air provides a manage booking option to their passengers so they can easily change their flight tickets. Managing your booking is convenient as passengers can change their reservations themselves. Go along with the procedure given below if you wish to change your swiss air flight date.

Change Swiss Air flight date online

  • Click on https://www.swiss.com/eg/en/ homepage to open the official webpage of airline.

  • After opening the website, passengers will see the book & manage option. Click on that tab.

  • Enter all the needed information, like the booking code first and the passenger's last name. 

  • Now you can see all the reservation, and there will be an option to change. Click on that and change the date and click on confirm.

  • After confirming, a new ticket will be re-issued on your registered email id and contact number.

Change your flight ticket by calling: Swiss airlines provide this facility to the passengers to get their flight ticket changed if they face challenges to changing it themselves online. Follow the steps to ease the swiss air change ticket date with the help of call assistance.

  1. Go to the contact us page on Swiss air official website.
  2. Dial the Swiss air flight change phone number 1 (833) 626-0737.
  3. After dialing their number, IVR will ask you to press the numbers on their dial pad according to the query they are facing. 
  4. After pressing the digit, a human representative will connect with you to assist. Explain your concern and a reason for the flight date change. 
  5. After changing your ticket, pay the required amount to the airline, and a new ticket will be sent to your mail id or contact number.

How much does it cost to change the ticket date?

Charges may vary according to the time and distance of the journey. You can also change your flight ticket date for free if you are making changes to the flight ticket within 24 hours of the booking. If a passenger fails to change the flight ticket within time, they might have to pay approximately $60 - $100. If the passenger wants to save some money from their pocket, try to change your ticket as soon as the booking is confirmed.

Swiss Air flight change policy

Before taking action against your flight tickets, like canceling, changing the details on the flight ticket, or other changes to your flight ticket, one must know the swiss air flight change policy. 

  • If a passenger is raising a request to change or cancel their flight ticket after 24 hours, the passenger must pay the change fees.
  • If passengers change their flight tickets within 24 hours of the booking, they will not be asked to pay a penny.


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