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How do I get a refund from Swiss Air?

Traveling is such an uncertain event that can fluctuate at any moment, and you have faced a similar condition and canceled your booking for reimbursement. Then for the Swiss Air refund, you can dial this number, 1 (833) 626-0737, or you can make a request on your own by the online process. And the steps to conduct the online process are as follows:-

  1. Visit the official website of Swiss Airlines. https://www.swiss.com/us/en/homepage

  2. On the footer section of the website, you will see the Refund tab, click on it. https://www.swiss.com/us/en/customer-support/refund

  3. After that, select the refund-related topic.

  4. Now, you get to fill out the general information with ticket details and click on the submit icon.

  5. Afterward, you can get the refund number in the email and phone numbers.

How long does Swiss Air take to refund?

When you have canceled your booking and applied for the refund, then according to the mode of payment, you have to wait for a refund. And the details about the swiss air refund time duration have been illustrated beneath:-

  • When you have made a payment with cash or credit card, you can get a refund within 20 working days. And if the case is complicated, you might have to wait longer than the prescribed duration.

  • But when the reservation is conducted except these modes, then your amount could reflect in your bank statement within 7 to 10 working days.

What is the swiss air refund policy?

When you wish to get your money back after the cancellation of your booking, then you have to comply with the terms and conditions laid down by Swiss Airlines. Further, those provisions have been laid under the swiss air refund policy, and that is as follows:-

  1. When you have made your reservation prior to 7 days or more and within 24 hours of booking, if you have canceled the reservation, then you can get the refund without any penalties.

  2. If the cancellation has been made later than, this duration, you can get a refund after deducting the penalty applied to your fare.

  3. When your flight is canceled by the airline, you can get a full refund for the unused part of the ticket.

  4. If you have purchased a nonrefundable ticket, you can get only airport taxes applied to your fare as a refund.

  5. When the passenger has canceled their booking due to health restrictions such as medical emergency or illness, get a refund, but submit your document to the airline.

  6. And when the passenger has submitted a refund form, all the booking made with the same gets canceled, and their refund request has been processed.

  7. When you have completed your refund process, you can get a refund, in the same manner, you used during reservation or booking services.

  8. But when the travel agent has made the booking, you might not be able to process your refund request with the airline. In this situation, you get to communicate with them for a refund.

How do I contact Swiss air for a refund?

On Swiss Airlines, you can apply for a refund with the help of the customer service team. And the options by which you can submit a swiss air refund request have been mentioned below.

Via call

You can communicate with the airline customer service team via dialing the Swiss Air phone number and processing your refund. And the phone number for that is 1 (833) 626-0737. And then follow the IVR menu as follows:-

Press1 to select language
Press3 for a flight ticket
Press6 for flight status
Press7 for refund
Press0 to speak with customer service

Via email

If you are unable to communicate with the airline via call, then you can also complete your refund procedure by email mode. And if you applied for a swiss air refund 24 hours, you might get a refund for unused tickets or services.


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