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Zipcar is an American company that has been operating as a car-sharing service since 2000. They allow you to reserve the cars to all its members based on the minutes and even in hours. It has a headquarters that was located in Boston. This service is famous for its cost-effective nature. This impressive service allows you to book a Zipcar car sharing service with the use of the following steps.

How do I book a Zipcar Rental?

  • Open a web browser and launch the official website of Zipcar to initiate the car booking process.

  • Sign in to your official account and know the process by using the username and the super secret password.

  • Click on the login option and enter your official account and navigate to the Zipcar booking section.

  • Input the data according to your need and especially include the location, car type, schedule and pick up time.

  • You should also include the type of the car which you wish to use for the ride and use the necessary billing details.

  • Pay the necessary price to fulfill the booking of Zipcar and obtain the confirmation email.

Apart from that, you can also book the sharing car by using its valid Android or iOS application. This is a great method that allows you to make use of the Zipcar Rental Booking by using the online method. This makes you eligible to finish your short journey by using the state of the art car sharing services of your account that is available online.

Can you pre book Zipcar? 

Yes! You can pre book a car from the Zipcar service that is available online for the use of all the travelers. This pre booking of different car types can be made even a few minutes before your schedule. 

However, the booking is only possible when there is the availability of your issue. Talking about the farthest possible travel date on which you can book your flight, you can easily perform that even before 12 months. 

This pre booking is available to all the members of this car sharing service who can log in to your account. You can easily perform that by paying the bill on an hourly or days basis. The pre booking of this car type is available for both one way and round trip. 

The advance reservation of the cars are available for all the car types which you can use to finish the reservation process of Zipcar.

How far in advance can you book Zipcar?

You can easily make a reservation in Zipcar in advance. Many travelers wonder about the date in which they can book in advance and should know about the time of booking. Both one way and round trip are available up to 1 year before the departure. 

The advance booking in Zipcar is eligible only when the booking slot is available. This booking is allowed on demand and you can reserve that in both day and night. The advance booking is available from $5 to $50 dollars. 

You can easily reserve and use it by picking and leaving the car in the same location. On advance reservation, you can drive the car from 120 to 180 miles maximum. This advance booking in Zipcar is offered to all the members who require it by paying a specific amount.

For further information you can speak to a Zipcar customer service person and get immediate assistance for your all queries.