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How to cancel Turkish flight reservations?

Want to cancel a Turkish flight? If yes, read this article to know the simple steps to cancel Turkish flight reservations.  According to the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, the most flexible way of cancelling a flight ticket in emergency is through the official website of the airline. Hence, the online procedure for cancelling a flight on Turkish Airlines is explained below.

Steps to cancel Turkish flight

  • At first, you have to visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.

  • Then navigate to the Manage booking tab on the home page of Turkish Airlines

  • After that, you need to enter your reservation code and the surname

  • Then press the arrow button to view your booked flight details

  • Afterwards, you have to choose the flight that you require to cancel

  • Then press the cancel button given along with the flight you have selected

  • Hereafter, you will get a confirmation notice from Turkish Airlines about a cancelled ticket.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines provides the flight cancellation service to the passengers in need based on a certain set of rules that defines full terms and conditions properly. To understand the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy more precisely gather the information from below.

Turkish Flight cancellation within 24-hours

  • Turkish Airlines offers risk-free flight cancellation to the passengers within 24 hours for a flight with scheduled departure after 7 or more days

  • According to the flight cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, passengers are allowed to cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours of the original purchase without paying any penalty

  • Moreover, within 24 hours of cancellation being risk-free, the passengers are eligible to get a full refund from Turkish Airlines for it

Flight cancellation after 24-hours

  • As per the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy after 24-hours a certain amount of charge is deducted from the original ticket amount paid by the passengers during the booking

  • When a Turkish Airlines passenger cancels a flight up to 12 hours before scheduled departure then a 20% deduction is applicable from the original booking fee as per the policy

  • When a Turkish Airlines passenger cancels a flight between 12-1 hour before scheduled departure, then 40% deductions is applicable from the original ticket value

How much is the Turkish Airlines cancellation fee?

If you cancel the Turkish airline's flight within 24 hours before the departure time of the flight, then you will be charged with a Turkish Airlines cancellation fee of approximately $100 to $400. However, the actual cost of the cancellation fee cannot be judged because it depends on factors, like the destination, distance, weekend or weekdays, and few other factors. 

Turkish Airlines cancelled flight compensation

When a flight on which you are supposed to travel soon is cancelled by Turkish Airlines then you become eligible for some compensation. Hence the compensation policy of Turkish Airlines for a cancelled flight is explained below.

  • Turkish Airlines pays 600 Euros compensation to the passengers who suffer inconvenience due to the flight cancellation without a prior notification up to 14 days from the scheduled departure

  • Other than providing compensation, Turkish Airlines tries hard to adjust the passengers on an alternative flight whose originally booked flight is cancelled
  • Turkish Airlines passengers also get the choice to get the full refund for a flight that got cancelled without prior notification

The refund policy of Turkish Airlines for cancelled flights

At the time of cancelling a flight on Turkish Airlines, the most important thing about which passengers think is that how much refund they will get back. Therefore, to understand the refund policy of Turkish Airlines for a cancelled flight ticket, kindly follow the details below.

  • According to the refund policy of Turkish Airlines for a cancelled flight ticket, a passenger is eligible to get back the money depending on the fare rules

  • For a ticket cancellation within 24-hour, Turkish Airlines passengers get a full refund from them

  • For cancelling a non-refundable flight ticket with Turkish Airlines, the passenger is eligible to get a refund after the deduction of tax from the original ticket value

  • Turkish Airlines takes around 20 working days to process back the refund to the passenger’s original payment mode after a flight cancellation

Will Turkish Airlines refund Cancelled flights?

Yes, you'll get a refund for the cancelled flight. While cancelling your ticket, you'll get the information if your flight cancellation is refundable or not. You'll soon receive the refund in the form of vouchers. 

Can I postpone my Turkish airline ticket?

Yes, you can undoubtedly postpone a Turkish airline ticket. You would need to tap on the button of "Manage booking" on the official page, then follow the steps below: 

  • You would need to go on the Turkish airline website. 

  • Now click on the button "Manage booking." 

  • Enter the flight details and press enter. 

  • Now open your booking, and change the date of your booking. 

Moreover, Turkish Airlines also offers direct assistance to the passengers regarding a flight cancellation and the conditions for getting back the refund for it. You can speak to Turkish Airlines customer service for grabbing more information related to the cancellation policy and how to apply for it.


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