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Contact Avis Customer Service Agent and Phone Number Details

Avis Car Rental is a company which provides its services both in domestic and international locations. It deals in providing rental cars to anyone in need. It has the facility of both self driven cars and chauffeur driven cars. Supposedly, if you are visiting a certain place where you cannot take your own vehicle but travelling in public transport is not an option, you can definitely rely on Avis. 

Not only this, whether you want a rental with a chauffeur or you want to drive it on your own because you are travelling with full capacity of people who can sit in a car, Avis makes it very convenient for you to do so. Even after being such an excellent service provider it can still face some problems.

If you ever feel the need to or you have a question in your mind that How do I contact Avis car rental, no worries measures are created for that situation as well. You can easily do so with the help of the below mentioned measures;

How do I contact Avis car rental?

You can easily contact the customer service department of Avis car rental if you want to share the feedback regarding your experience. You can either give your feedback at the time of your return, when you’ll be going to return the rental. If not so, you can come back and give it on their official website too. But before that, there are certain measures which you’ll have to keep in mind like.

You’ll need to have the specific credentials ready before contacting them;

  1. The name on which the agreement for the rental was signed.
  2. The ways through which Avis can get back to you regarding your feedback. You can choose the preferred way in which you would like to get contacted.
  3. The reference number which you have on your rental agreement.
  4. The pick and drop date for your rental and the location of pick up for the rental.

Make sure to have all the above mentioned points handy while you’ll be contacting the customer service department because only then you’ll be getting a resolution in time because one of the major reasons for the delayed customer service is when you cannot provide full information to them.

Contact Avis Car Rental Customer Service 

If you are looking out for ways to contact the customer support team of Avis car rental then the below mentioned points will help you with the topic of Ways to contact Avis car rental

Avis Car Rental Customer Service Phone Number

Dial - +1-800-352-7900

  • No matter which region you are calling from, you can contact the customer support team of Avis.

  • You can easily find the official phone number for Avis customer team on the official website.

  • The official phone number for a customer to contact the team is mentioned on the top left corner of the homepage of the official Avis website.

  • If you make a phone call to the official phone number +1-800-352-7900 or +1-802-317-8353, you’ll be connected with an IVR at first.

  • Input the correct set of numerical for the required department you have the query for.

  • After the wait time is over, a live representative will get connected with you.

Through Social Media- 


Make sure that you follow the official pages of Avis on the above mentioned social platforms so that you can have every update and you can contact the team for various departments of Avis in a very hassle free manner.

How do I contact Avis by email?

If you are thinking about getting connected with the customer service team of Avis with the help of their official email address, check below

Avis Car Rental Email


Is Avis customer service 24/7?

The customer service team of Avis works on a basis of 7 days a week. You can easily contact them in that span if you wish to make a phone call to their official phone number.

Hours of Operation of  Avis Car Rental Customer Service 

7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. CST

The above mentioned ways will help you to have a clear picture on the topic of how many ways you can contact the customer service team of Avis and can get the resolution in the fastest way possible.

Avis Help

For more information, you can also visit Avis help page and get information regarding Avis billing, Avis extends rental, Avis car rental reservations, etc.

Avis Phone Numbers Information

United States
Rates and Reservations 1-800-633-3469
Customer Service 1-800-352-7900
Avis.com Assistance 1-800-230-4898
Car in the Shop? 1-866-607-1403
Avis Car Sales 1-833-836-6630
Rates and Reservations 1-800-879-2847
Customer Service 1-800-352-7900
Avis.com Assistance 1-800-272-5871
New Zeland
Reservations                   +64-9-526-2847
Customer Services +64-9-526-3258
Other Countries Number
United Kingdom                    +44 808 284 0014
Germany +49 69 500 700 20
Dominican Republic 809-535-7191
Jamaica   876-926-8021
Aruba 2978-28617
Antigua 268-462-2847
United Arab Emirates 971 4 2245219
Qatar 974-4466-7744
Philippines 632 718 4061
India +911244724850
Australia +61 2 9353 9000
Colombia 571-610-4455
Botswana 267-313-093


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