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How can I cancel a ticket on Volaris?

The process of canceling a booking at Volaris is customer-friendly, and getting it is done quickly. To cancel your reservation through the online process, follow the given steps: 

Cancel Volaris ticket reservation online

  1. Jump into the official website of Volaris. https://www.volaris.com/

  2. Click on the My Trips option and enter the passenger's reservation code and last name to retrieve your booking. 

  3. Then, on the ticket summary page, choose the cancel option. 

  4. Proceed with the on-screen instructions to cancel your booking. 

  5. After making the cancellation, you will receive an email to your registered email address. 

What is the Volaris flight cancellation policy?

To be able to cancel your booking, you must have to be aware of the Volaris cancellation policy. The guidelines are explained below: 

  • If the airline happens to cancel your ticket, you will be entitled to get a refund from the airline. 

  • You can get a refund of the ticketed amount if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of the purchase time, irrespective of the fare type of your booking. 

  • If you have one non-refundable ticket, you can also cancel the same, but the ticket must be bought at least seven days before the travel date. 

  • You can cancel the trip in case of death or medical emergency of a close relative or the passenger itself.

  • If you have booked the ticket through miles or using credits, you may cancel the booking and get the refund as miles or credits. 

How much is the Volaris flight cancellation fee?

If you have canceled the ticket after 24 hours of making the purchase, you will have to pay a particular amount of cancellation fee if your ticket is non-refundable. You can be charged between $100 to $400. To be able to cancel this ticket, the ticket must be bought at least seven days before the departure date. 

Can I cancel the Volaris flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel the Volaris flight within 24 hours of making the booking. You can avail of the 24-hour risk-free cancellation. 

Does Volaris have a cancellation fee?

Yes, Volaris has a cancellation fee. You would have to pay a certain amount of cancellation fee if you do not cancel your booking within 24 hours. You can be charged from $100 to $400 as a cancellation fee if you are included within the free cancellation fee type.  

How to contact Volaris for flight cancellation? 

If you cancel your booking with Volaris Airlines, you can call them apart from doing it online. The online process is straightforward and customer-friendly. If still, you are happening to facing issues, you can reach out to the Volaris customer executive and contact them. 

To call them, go through the following: 

  1. Call at Volaris Airlines phone number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). 
  2. After getting connected, follow the IVR process to talk to a Volaris live person for help.  
  3. Press 1 to continue in English. 
  4. Press 2 to change the language. 
  5. Press 3 to book new tickets. 
  6. Press 5 to make changes to your booking. 
  7. Press 0 for other options. 


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