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Learn the ways to cancel AirAsia reservation and cancellation policy

Sometimes we are forced to cancel our flight tickets for sudden, unavoidable reasons. Last-moment cancellation is scary as the situation is rare. If you have booked a flight with AirAsia and want to cancel a reservation and you are worried about how to do it. Well, this article provides all the important information about this.

There are two ways to cancel Air Asia flight ticket, online flight cancellation or contact to the customer support. Follow the mentioned easy steps for cancel AirAsia flight online. 

Online cancellation: The most straightforward & trouble-free way to cancel your reservation. If you want to cancel AirAsia flight,  you must follow the instructions.

Stesp to cancel AirAsia booking online

  1. Visit the official AirAsia website and navigate to the "manage" option from the top menu bar. https://support.airasia.com/s/?language=en_GB

  2. Now enter your PNR/Booking reference number & your name or email and click on "get itinerary" to fetch your ticket details.

  3. You must log in to your account using your credentials to cancel AirAsia reservation online.

  4. When you find your flight, select the bottom option of flight change or cancellation. Tap on the cancel button, followed by pressing continue.

  5. Next, you need to tick the checkbox for confirmation, and you will receive a mail on your registered email confirming the flight cancellation.

Contact AirAsia representative for flight cancellation

You can also use the alternative to contact support executive through Whastapp chat at +60 11-3516 5078 to cancel flight ticket in a fast manner. After that you will be connected with a representative with whom you can provide your ticket information and flight cancellation reason.

AirAsia flight cancellation policy

Before canceling your Air Asia tickets, you must be aware of their cancellation policies. Some of the important policies are described below:

  • The Customer can only cancel their flight & claim a refund if they have valid and fair problems like medical conditions of passengers, court summons or sudden demise of immediate family members, etc.

  • If AirAsia cancels your flight, they will provide you with the next available option to your destination.

  • If you are denied boarding a plane due to overbooking.

  • If you cancel AirAsia booking within 24 hours of confirmation, you don't need to pay any charges. After that, the airline is liable to charge you a fee.

  • You must cancel your flight at least seven days before the departure date.

What are the cancellation charges for Air Asia?

If you cancel your ticket, then you need to pay a cancellation fee to the airline. The amount charged depends on your travel destination(distance covered) and time of cancellation. For domestic travel, the charges to be paid for flights canceled 0-3 days before the departure date are higher than flights canceled four days before departure.

Can I cancel my flight within 24 hours to AirAsia?

Yes, AirAsia allows passengers to modify/cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking without paying any additional price. According to AirAsia cancellation policy, 24 hours is a period of "Look-in option"; amendments made after this are not free of cost.

Can I cancel my flight and get my money back in AirAsia?

You can only cancel your flight & claim a refund if your case is found valid according to airline policies, but if AirAsia cancels a ticket refund will be provided to the passengers. You need to go through the airline refund policies thoroughly before claiming a refund. 


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