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United Airlines Pet Travel Policy

If you want to travel with your pet on a United Airlines flight, you should be aware of the airline's pet policy. You must read the following points to properly understand United Airlines pet policy.

  •  According to United Airlines' pet policy, small cats and dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin in a pet carriage small enough to fit under the front seat.

  •  On United Airlines flights, just one adult cat or dog per carrier is allowed, and the price is $125 each way.

  •  If your pet is too large to go in the cabin or is travelling alone, United Airlines permits you to transport them in cargo.

How do I add a pet to my United flight?

If you want to bring your pet on a flight that you've booked with United Airlines, you must first add your pet to your reservation as mentioned below.

  1.  To begin, call the United reservations office and inform them that you will be travelling with a pet

  2.  The agent will next check to see if pet travel on the flight you would like to book is permitted or not

  3.  Finally, the reservation agent will add your pet to your booked flight over the phone.

Does United require a pet health certificate?

Are you wondering does United require a pet health certificate? In that case, you may obtain the necessary information by reading the following points.

  • In order to fly with United Airlines, all passengers must submit a health certificate for the pets as well as confirmation of rabies vaccination by their veterinarian.

  • Vaccinations administered over 30 days before to flying or shots provided after the preceding vaccination has expired are not recommended.

Does United charge for emotional support animals?

Are you willing to know does United charge for emotional support animals? Emotional support animals (ESAs) are that help people with invisible impairments including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and learning difficulties. To know if United Airlines is charging for emotional support animals read the points below.

  1. Emotional support animals are no longer recognized by United Airlines as a result their owners are charged.

  2. Emotional support animals now classified under the pet policy of the airlines and are charged a cost of $125 each way.

Does United allow pets in cargo?

Passengers on United Airlines are allowed to transport their dogs or cats in cargo under specific conditions, which are outlined below.

  • United Airlines allows to carry dogs and cats in cargo that are too big to fly in the cabin or who are travelling alone.

  • Only one cat or dog is allowed to travel on United Airlines cargo in a single crate.

  • Or two puppies or kittens may travel in the very same crate in cargo when they are under six months old, weighed less than nine kg each, and are equally sized.

If you want to get more informtion about United Airlines pet travel and policies, you have feel free to speak to United airlines live representative and get assistance of your all pet travel related queries.


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