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How do I book a flight with WestJet?

No doubt, Westjet is a perfect choice for those who are looking for quality services along with low-cost tickets. WestJet is a Canadian airline and operating for the last 24 years. If you are a first time user and want to know how do I book a flight with WestJet, check some simple steps below-

Steps to Book a Flight with Westjet

Westjet provides the best to their customer and for this reason, you can book a flight ticket online.

  • Visit the official website of Westjet
  • Click on the booking option or book a flight option
  • You can sign in to get access vouchers and member exclusive offers.
  • If you don’t have any kind of membership, then you can move to the next option.
  • Here in this, you can see the multiple options, like

Trip Type, in this option, you can see three different option, first one is Return trip, One way, and Multi-city (it can be bundled up to 5 one way flights)

From and going to

Departure date and return date


  • Click on the get flights option
  • You can see different flights on the screen along with the price. Choose one that is suitable for you. The best part is that you can compare the prices that will make the process of selection easy.
  • Once you choose the flight and then move to the next step. You can make payments through any mode, like debit card, credit card, and rewards.

To know more about the WestJet flight booking, you can go through the contact us page of the website. And you can choose the number that can solve your problem. Even, you can get through to WestJet Airlines which can offer you quick assistance.

How far in advance can I book WestJet flights?

Are you such a passenger who is thinking of booking WestJet Airlines but want to get it done well in advance? Then you shall not panic as this is the place that will give you the information on how far in advance can book Westjet flights and ease up your travel.

It is a well-known fact that WestJet Airlines when booked well in advance offers the best airline and chance for booking the flight in a cheap way. Here are some facts on how to get cheap flights and how far one can get the bookings done in advance with WestJet Airlines.

Knowing How Far in Advance We Can Get the Bookings Done!

  • It is not a hidden fact that passengers when booking their flights well in advance get cheap flights instantly. And one shall proceed with booking the flight 330 days well in advance from the date of travel.
  • Also, the travel dates shall be flexible which will be more beneficial when booking the flight.
  • In case, you happen to travel during the festive seasons like Black Friday, or Christmas Eve then it is advised to get the booking beforehand i.e. 330 days, and get the chance to travel in comfort.

How do I Book a Flight with WestJet Points?

How do I book a flight with WestJet Points? You must be wondering the answer to it. Even you can make payments through points too. We have covered the steps to book a flight with points.

Even you can make payments through points too. How do I book a flight with WestJet Points? You must be wondering the answer to it. We have covered the steps to book a flight with points.

Steps to Book Westjet Flight with Reward Points

  1. First of all, go to the official page of WestJet airlines
  2. Click on search flight, but here you have to provide the information, like the name of the place and where you are planning to travel
  3. Set the date of travel and click on the “Next” option
  4. Here you can see different flights and choose one that is comfortable for you

Now, you have to make a payment. Here WestJet let you do the booking in two ways:

  • With card
  • With points
  1. For making payments through WestJet points. You have to click on the “With Points” option
  2. Now, you can follow the on-screen instructions and mention the details
  3. Click on “End Process” and get the ticket on your registered email

You can see how effortlessly you can book a ticket with points. Many times flyers get confused with how do I add my WestJet Rewards number to a booking. We have discussed some points that will help you to add rewards.

  1. You can simply add your account to WestJet airlines
  2. It is absolutely free to add, and you have to visit a link “Westjet rewards account”
  3. You have to provide the email address, and whenever there will be any reward, it will automatically be transferred to your account
  4. You can simply know about the rewards by login to your account

Now, you must get an idea of how you can add rewards and use points for WestJet flight booking. For more information, you can go through with WestJet Airlines customer support. Even, you can get the specialized number for reservation. In this, you can know more about the reservation.


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