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JetBlue Group Bookings and Group Travel Guidelines

Nothing is better than traveling in a group. It not just adds fun to your trip but also helps in reducing the overall cost of the bookings. So, if you are planning your next group trip with JetBlue, they can go through the details mentioned in this article and manage their bookings. 

JetBlue Group Travel

JetBlue Group Bookings as per Size 

For the travelers planning to confirm JetBlue Group Bookings, here is how they can book and confirm their bookings as per the size of their group.

1) Group and families with less than 8 members

For the group of 7 or fewer people, the airline offers an option to confirm their bookings online by visiting the official website of the airline. 

2) For the group with 7-8 members

And for the travel group that consists of 7-8 members can reach out to the airline reservation department to confirm their group bookings. 

3) For the group of 8 or more members

For the group bookings of the church, sports, or youth, the traveler can opt for JetBlue's group booking service and confirm their booking by contacting the JetBlue Groups Desk. 

JetBlue Group Booking Guidelines

Guidelines to abide by while confirming group bookings with JetBlue

Before confirming the group reservations with JetBlue, the traveler needs to follow the 

1) Group size requirements

  • The group should consist of a minimum of 10 members. 

  • All the travelers should be booked on the same flight and the same day.

2) Deposit 

As per JetBlue Group Guidelines, the traveler needs to pay a certain deposit that includes:

  • A deposit of $50 per reservation and per person within 2 weeks of the booking. 

  • For those traveling during the blackout period, the due date for the deposit is one week from the date of travel.

  • JetBlue can cancel the booking if the deposit is not provided by the due date. 

3) Payment

As per the guidelines the final payment is due for 30 days and 60 days in case of domestic and international flights. 

4) Customer names

The traveler needs to confirm the travelers' name within 30 days of the booking. 

5) Change, cancellation and refunds

  • Changes and cancellations to the group bookings can be made within 30 days and 60 days of departure in the case of domestic and international flights. 

  • Further, for the changes to the booking made before the final deposit or full deposit, the traveler will be charged $150 per passenger along with the fare difference. 

  • Further, no changes will be allowed after the 30 and 60 days window for domestic and international bookings. 

6) Seat reservation

The traveler can hold seats as per JetBlue Group Booking Guidelines by making payment of a fee of $50 per seat 30 days and 60 days before departure in case of domestic and international flights. 

JetBlue Group Travel

Group Travel Options offered by JetBlue

For those traveling with a group of 8-9 people, they are free to reach out to the reservation department of the airline. But, for those who are planning a JetBlue Group Travel with 10 more passengers, they are offered special perks and offers depending on the group type that includes:

1) Leisure group

For those traveling in a group of a sports team, church members, or planning a destination tour, the Leisure Groups program offers travelers the following services:

  • Great and customized group fare quote

  • A month to make the final payment and names of those traveling in a group.

  • Low deposits like $50 for seats per passenger. 

  • Also, pay $100 and get the name modified in the booking 72 hours before the departure. 

  • Those traveling within 60 days can get a quote from the group desk and for booking in advance can fill out the form online. 

2) Incentive groups

For the employers who are planning to reward their best employees, this Incentive Groups program is something they need to go through.

  • Get your bookings confirmed by a dedicated crew member

  • Unlimited name changes to the booking

  • Multiple origins to single destination service

  • $50 deposit per passenger to confirm the seats

  • Deviation at 10 percent for no charge

  • Final payments can be made within 30 days in case of domestic and 60 days of international travel.

3) Meeting travel

Corporate meetings can be hectic. So, to help one can easily confirm bookings with JetBlue, the airline offers the Meeting Travel booking option with the following perks:

  • Unlimited name changes

  • Multiple origins and one destination booking service

  • Great prices

  • $50 deposits to confirm seats

  • No charge deviation up to 10 percent

  • One month final deposit options

JetBlue Traveling Together

Online form to confirm group travel and get quotes

In the JetBlue Traveling Together program, the traveler can get a quote in advance for their group booking by filling up an online form that includes:

  • Contact information 

  • Group details 

  • Trip details along with origin and departure details

Now, the traveler can request group travel by submitting the online form. Then, after the submission, the traveler will be offered the details within few business days to confirm their group travel. 

Besides, if the traveler still has queries regarding the group bookings, they can reach out or talk to someone on JetBlue airlines for assistance and plan out their trip. 

Can you add someone to your flight reservation JetBlue?

Yes, Of Course, you can add someone to your flight reservation on JetBlue. If the passengers are booking as a family or small group and are ready to purchase the tickets. In that case, passengers can book online by creating multiple reservations for up to seven people at a time. The process of adding someone can be performed easily by requesting a group booking. For adding someone to the JetBlue flight reservation, passengers are needed to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • In the very first step, you have to visit the official website of Jetblue airlines.

  • As you get to the official page of the airline, you have to visit the Manage my booking section.

  • In the "Manage my Booking" section, provide the booking details and the passenger's information to find your booking.

  • In this step, you have to also give the details like trip type, travel class & itineraries.

  • As you get to see your booking, you can add someone to the flight reservation by requesting.

  • After completion of the fourth step, it will take some time for proceeding with the request.

  • Finally, you have to perform the payment, and as the amount gets proceeded, you will receive a confirmation mail.

  • Take the print of the confirmation email received with your booking reference  ID

  • Follow all these steps carefully for adding someone to the reservation process.


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