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If you have entered the wrong name while booking your flight ticket with Avianca, then don't worry. It provides you the facility to change the name on a ticket. The wrong name on the flight ticket might cause you a lot of trouble while boarding, especially for traveling internationally. You can change this by two methods. The first method is online, and the second one is to contact an Avianca customer executive.

Change name on an Avianca flight ticket online

Name change the flight ticket of Avianca Airlines can be done by yourself. All you have to do is follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open the application or website of Avianca airlines on your mobile phone or laptop. https://www.avianca.com/

  • Log in to your account by entering your ID and password.

  • Find the "manage booking" section and enter your booking reference number and passenger's last name.

  • Select the flight ticket in which you want to make changes, and enter the new name.

  • Hit the "confirm button" and pay the name change fee.

  • Check the registered mail ID for confirmation.

Contact Aviance representative regarding name change

If you want to make changes to your name, then you can opt for the offline method. In this method, you can speak to someone at Avianca by dialing 1 (800) 284-2622 and asking the customer care executive to change the name without any hassle.

Visiting airport: To change the name on a flight ticket, a passenger can visit the reservation department of the airport and ask them to change the name on the flight ticket.

How much is the Avianca name change fee?

The name change fee of the flight tickets of Avianca depends on the when and what changes you are making. If the name is changed within twenty-four hours after booking the flight ticket, then no fee will be charged. if the changes in the name are made after twenty-four hours, then the Avianca name change fee will be around $100 to $250 dollars. If there are minor changes, then airlines might not charge any fee. 

Avianca name correction policy

Before making any changes in the name of the flight ticket, a passenger is requested to read all the Avianca name correction policies. Let's have a look at these policies:

  1. The minor changes in the name of a passenger on their flight ticket might not cost any fee.

  2. The major changes in the name of a passenger will have to pay some fee.

  3. If the changes in the name are made because of a visa, then airlines will allow you to change the name.

  4. Name change or correction of the flight ticket can only be done if a passenger will fly in the same airplane after correction.

  5. To avoid any fee for making corrections in the ticket, then try to make the changes within twenty-four hours after booking.

  6. A passenger is allowed to make corrections in their name, but they cannot transfer the ticket to someone else.

  7. If the name change is done after marriage or divorce, then the passenger has to submit the documents to the airlines.


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