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Avianca Airline seat selection

Traveling via air on your favorite seat could be one of the best things, whether a window seat or aisle seat. But what if you forget to select your seat in a hurry? In such situations, you can go through the seat selection option that most airlines offer to their passengers, and Avianca is one of them. You can select your seat on Avianca during or after simply making a reservation if you know about the seat selection policy and process.

You can select a seat through the different options on Avianca airlines. Such as, you can call customer service or reach its office or at the airport counter. Also, you can select your seat online by managing to book or during the check-in process. And the process of Avianca seat selection online has been introduced below.

Easy steps to select a seat on Avianca

  1. Get to the official website of Avianca by your preferred web browser or use the Avianca airline mobile application. https://www.avianca.com/

  2. On the homepage, you get a different option to manage your booking.

  3. You have to enter the passenger reservation number and passenger's last name at manage booking. Tap on continue.

  4. Then have all your flight details, and on the right side, you have the seat option tap on that.

  5. From there, select the seat you like and if you have selected a chargeable seat, then move to payment.

  6. After final payment, you have seat confirmation and you will receive a message registered in your mail.

Avianca seat selection policy

When you need to change seat or upgrade a seat while traveling with Avianca airline, then you can check Avianca seat selection policy detail; refer to the below context:-

  • You can select your seat in Avianca airline either by my trip option or during checking in online.

  • The seat option that you get with Avianca airlines is a premium, premium plus, and economy. Select a seat according to your comfort and pay to have the same.

  • If you wish to upgrade your seat to business class, then at the homepage, you get the option "upgrade to business class."

  • If you desire to travel with more space, you can also get an empty seat. 

  • If you didn't select your seat before boarding, the airline would allot an available seat.

How much does it cost to select a seat on Avianca?

The Avianca seat selection cost depends upon the type of class and seat choices. And the cost is around 20 to 40 USD depending upon the route, such as whether you are traveling to a national or international destination. You can take an empty seat, preferential seat, front row, or duo seat after making a patent for the same, and for exact fare details, you can reach out to the customer service of Avianca. So Avianca seat selection cost is wholly based on your choices.

Do I have to pay for a seat on Avianca?

Yes, you have to pay for Avianca seat selection, but it will depend upon the type of fare, route, and selection you choose. Avianca airline also has seats free of cost, but if you pay extra, you can enjoy the benefit that comes with it.

If you find anything difficult to understand or issue regarding Avianca seat selection, you can speak to Avianca live person at 1 (800) 284-2622, and they will help you out through the process.


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