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How to cancel Avianca Airlines ticket reservations?

To cancel Avianca Airlines booking, the traveler can either opt for the online cancellation service or reach out to the Avianca airline customer service. However, to save the travelers' time, here are the steps to cancel Avianca flight booking online:

  1. For the online cancellation process, one needs to click on the manage booking tab on the website.

  2. Then, the traveler can enter the reservation code and last name linked to the booking.

  3. After that, the traveler can find the booking and opt to cancel the same.

  4. Further, the traveler can confirm the cancellation, and they will get a confirmation email. 

If the traveler has queries regarding the Avianca cancel flight process, one can contact Avianca customer service person to seek assistance to confirm the cancellation of the flight ticket.

Avianca airline cancellation policy

The travelers wish to cancel their flight tickets with Avianca Airlines, it is essential they have details regarding the Avianca cancellation policy that include the following points.

  • As per the 24-hour cancellation provision, the reservation booked a week or more before departure can claim a full refund.

  • For the above policy, it is required that the reservation be confirmed a week before the departure. 

  • The 24-hour cancellation policy applies to both refundable and non-refundable bookings.

  • However, the Avianca reservations canceled outside the 24-hour slab require to pay a cancellation fee depending on the fare type. 

How much does it cost to cancel a flight on Avianca?

The travelers who are planning to cancel their Avianca Airlines reservations are concerned about the Avianca cancellation fee can go through the points shared below and manage their booking accordingly. 

  1. As per the guidelines, the traveler must pay an administrative fee if the cancellation is made outside the risk-free period. 

  2. And depending on the fare type, the passenger is charged a fee of $25-$150 depending on the fare type. 

  3. To get exact info regarding the fee, the traveler can contact the Avianca airline representative. 

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