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Avianca Airlines is a Columbian based airplane headquartered at Bagota, DC. The major hubs are Bagota and San Salvador. The process of booking and cancellation with Avianca is quite easy and effective. Avianca flights manage booking option make things easy to direct. 

Steps to Use “Manage My Booking” Options 

  1.   First, visit the official site of Avianca airlines
  2.   Click on the “booking managing options”
  3.   There will be six options:
  • Alter the data

In this option, you can check the status of your current reservation, or past too. To access the past reservation, one needs to provide the necessary details. After that, information related to bookings will pop up.

If you find any contact details wrong, that can be changed here or replace with the new one. 

  • Take additional luggage

You may be unsure about the luggage policy. In that situation, you can provide the booking details and class. On basis of that, you will get the idea about how much luggage you should carry for free.

  • Choose your seat (as per the convenience)

Web check-in is an important and crucial part to get the boarding pass. You can do the check-in online and choose the preferred seat by own.

  • Ask for the special services

If you are aged or suffering from a medical condition, then you can ask for additional services. Avianca is always happy to help.

  • Upgrade the seat

Plus grade auction system will help you to upgrade the seat fast, and make the journey memorable.

  • Get travel assistance

Avianca travel support is always with you. You can approach them at any hour of the day.

4.      Click on the options as per the requirement.

Once you choose the preferred one, then the additional page will be open. Fill the box with necessary details, such as:

  • Reservation Number
  • Primary passenger last name  

In this way, you can manage Avianca flight booking without any hassle and going through any complex process.


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