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Steps to get a refund from Avianca

Passengers who want to get a refund from Avianca and not aware of the process to get a refund and Avianca refund policy, so you need to follow specific steps. The steps will help you in getting your refund on time. Provided below are the procedures to apply for a refund request to Avianca. Check them out.

  • You can start by visiting the official website of Avianca Airlines https://www.avianca.com/

  • Explore the website to get the option of "Manage your Booking."

  • Under this option, you have to provide some of your reservation-related credentials.

  • Write the reservation number and passenger's last name.

  • After that, hit the "Continue" option.

  • There you will see the booking that you want to cancel.

  • Now, click on the option of "Cancel Booking."

  • Confirm it by hitting the "Continue" option.

  • Go for the option of "Apply for a refund" to get your refund on time.

  • Lastly, tap on the "Submit" option to complete the cancelation and refund process.

What is the Avianca refund policy?

When you want to cancel your Avianca flight ticket, it will be better to know the refund policy. The Avianca refund policy will help you to cancel your flight ticket effortlessly. Here is the procedure in detail. Check them out.

  1. To get a full refund from Avianca Airlines, passengers need to cancel the flight ticket 24 hours within the booking of the ticket.

  2. After this time but before 24 hours of the flight's scheduled departure, they have to pay the cancelation fee. Avianca Airlines will take away the cancelation fee from the flight fare and return the remaining amount to you.

How long does it take for Avianca to refund?

Avianca Airlines will credit you with a refund in the desired period. Here is the time is taken by Avianca Airlines to credit the refund to you. Check them out.

  • Typically, Avianca take 7 to 10 business days to credit the refund to the passengers on their debit or credit card.

  • If the passenger wants a refund through cash or cheque, the expected duration is 7 to 20 business days. During this time, they will get a refund.

  For further information regarding Avianca refund, passengers can easily get in touch with Avianca customer service by calling on 1 (800) 284-2622 and get quick assistance.


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