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A Complete Guide on WestJet Travel Bank and Use of WestJet Travel Bank Credits

What is WestJet travel bank?

Often passengers make bookings on the WestJet Airlines but for some reasons you need to cancel the flight on WestJet Airlines then you can take the help of the west bank account with which you can cancel the flight and then apply for the flight refund. Now once you cancel the flight then the refund that you apply for, will be saved in this West Jet Bank. It is more like a bank saving account where all your miles points or the travel refund will be credited and saved. And you can use it whenever you feel like booking flights in future.

How do I use WestJet travel bank?

Westjet is preferred by many people around the globe. One of the reasons behind that is the faith of the passengers in the Airline. Not only because of the safety and comfort it provides to the customers. But also because of some money-saving schemes, it provides to its customers. 

Below are the steps which you need to follow to use your Westjet travel bank.

Westjet travel Bank: 

  • It is an account where a passenger can save his/her travel credits, which are the result of the non-refundable amount which the passenger has paid. (For example - because of cancellation).

  • You can use the Travel Bank to make some payments like base fare, taxes or surcharges etc)

  • It is different from Westjet Dollar which can be only used for the base fare. 

  • When you change or cancel a flight then the non - refundable amount will get adjusted in your Travel Bank credit. 

  • It is valid for 2 years from the day the credit was made to you. 

  • You will also receive service credits and it would be regarding Kennels, seat selection, excess baggage, or change fees. However, those would get expired after 1 year. 

Steps to make an account of Westjet for avail the benefit of Westjet travel bank:

  1. Visit official website of the Westjet Airline. 

  2. On the top right corner, you’ll see an option of “Sign in”. 

  3. Below that option, you’ll find the button “Join”. Click on that. 

  4. Now you just need to fill in your details and join. You can easily check your Travel Bank balance with Westjet rewards. 

How to use my Travel Bank credits?

Since WestJet travel account is used for redeeming all the offers, if you are facing issues related to the usage of these accounts then following steps will help you as How to use my Travel Bank credits and then use the offers

  1.  If you are using it for the first time, then simply go to the website and then open up the account by following the steps online and logging in using an active email account.

  2.  Now after you are done, head to the email you provide to check out for the account details. You will receive both email username and the password on the email and would expire in 48 hours if not used.

  3.  Now once you save the credentials, you can use it every time you log in the account for checking the West Jet travel account.

And therefore with the help of these simple steps regarding the travel bank, you will surely understand as why do I need an account for Travel Bank.

Why do I need an account for Travel Bank?

While traveling on any airline, often there are chances where you might cancel your bookings or apply for the flight refund. Or if you are signing up for any kind of flight voucher or service, there are chances of earning cash back or any point. Also if you are trying to make any type of the bookings on the WestJet Airlines then this type of travel bank account compiles all the offers and the refund amount and once you need it, can be easily redeemed. And thus, WestJet travel bank credits can be used for booking future trips with the help of the following feature introduced by the airline.

Benefits of using Westjet Travel Bank credits

Often we pay heavy prices for the extra services that we take up other than flight booking. However if you need any type of concession or discount so that you could use up these coupons as complimentary offers, all you need is west Jet Travel account. If you use travel account then you might be able to use those services redeeming from the credit account and also finding about the Benefits of using Westjet Travel Bank credits.

Similarly, with the help of this travel Bank Account, you can even take up the services like paying for your pet, seat upgrade or additional assistance on board or the flight.

Can I transfer my Travel Bank credits?

There are a lot of Every time you avail the services of the Credit bank account of West Jet Airlines, this is not necessary that you might be able to use all of it before the expiry date. However if you need to use it for someone else, then West Jet Airlines might refrain you from transferring it to someone else. But you can always use it for someone else by booking the ticket from your side. And this way, you can even find an alternative to the issues like Can I transfer my Travel Bank credits?

Do WestJet travel Bank expire?

If you are unable to use the West Jet travel bank then it will expire soon. In case you don’t use that voucher then you might not be able to use it after 24 months from the date of issue. And this is all you need to know regarding Do West Jet travel Bank expire.

Can I use WestJet dollars and travel bank?

If you are looking for paying off for the flights on the West Jet airlines then the miles or the points you have saved in the credit account can be used to pay off for the fare as dollars or cash. All you have to do is make the bookings online. And also keep in mind that if you are making any type of bookings with the help of the travel bank or dollars then it is not applied on the travel taxes and other charges. And hence that’s all you need to know regarding the issue of can I use West Jet dollars and travel bank.

Contacting the WestJet Customer Care Team 

And this is how one can easily avail the services of the West Jet travel bank. In case of any doubt, contact to the WestJet customer live person for the details via email, Live chat and other social media accounts. 

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