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WestJet Rewards is an amazing program that was launched to provide loyal customers with fantastic awards. WestJet Rewards is that bridge which connects the consumer to the aviation industry. Basically, it is a loyalty program which is created in a way that if you will be booking tickets via WestJet or making bookings or Westjet reservations with hotels, car rentals then you’ll be getting reward points back on its membership account. 

What are WestJet rewards?

The reward loyalty program which credits points into your rewards account or the membership account card that you registered in your WestJet rewards account. The basis on which it decides on how much to credit is with the help of calculating your expenditure. The more you spend on your airline tickets, hotels and car rentals the higher amount of rewards you will be getting on your WestJet rewards program account.

How does WestJet rewards work?

If you want to have a basic idea about how particularly the WestJet rewards work then you’ll have to have the basic knowledge that around what all things the reward program revolves. The below mentioned points will help you in getting a clearer picture about the same.

  • If you want to increase the rate at which you earn WestJet dollars, then you’ll have to apply for the WestJet credit card which is affiliated with RBC.
  • The below mentioned points are the steps you need to keep in mind before purchasing the WestJet credit card;
  • The card has an annual fee of 39 dollars, if you have purchased the card then you’ll be credited with a bonus of 50 dollars as a reward after your first transaction.
  • You’ll be getting 1 percent back on all the normal purchases that you’ll be making.
  • On purchases of airline tickets, hotels and car rentals you’ll be getting back an amount of 1.5 percent for the same.

Therefore the above mentioned points will help in giving you a clearer picture on how does WestJet rewards work and can help you in knowing the inside out.

How do I redeem my WestJet points?

Each and every WestJet money that you got back is considered to be as one Canadian dollar and you can easily use that money to make arrangements such as buying flight tickets, hotels and rental cars.

  1. There are only two things which you need to keep in mind before thinking about redeeming are-
  2. You can only use a minimum amount of 25 dollars of WestJet dollars for redeeming.
  3. The rewards cannot be used to pay for your additional charges like your taxes and additional fees.
  4. You can easily redeem them by booking flights through their official website thus the above mentioned points gives you a clear picture on how to redeem WestJet points in a hassle free manner.

How Do I Contact the WestJet Rewards?

Many of Westjet customers have some doubts about the WestJet Rewards program and want to erase it. For this, the best way is to use a phone number assigned specially for entertaining these queries

Contact WestJet through Phone

Getting in touch with WestJet through its helpline number 1-888-937-8538 is one of the easy tasks to ascertain help in the rewards program. It is vital to know about this service through the process that is given below.

  • Visit the official WestJet website through your web browser.
  • Click on the Contact Us link to open the support section.
  • Obtain the rewards phone number 1-888-937-8538 or 1-802-808-8988 and use it by dialing it.
  • Talk to the WestJet representative and ask for any service.

Contact WestJet through Contact Form

It is also possible to connect with WestJet by using the online contact form. The contact form makes you eligible to use the email method that is assigned to everyone connected to WestJet. In this case, you are required to make use of the process that is given here.

  • Launch the WestJet rewards page and move to the contact form.
  • Fill in the contact form by adding all the relevant details to it.
  • After examination, the WestJet team will connect with you based on the given email ID.

Some passengers still want to get an idea of the correct method to know how to contact WestJet Rewards. If you are also one of them, you just need to try to use other methods such as get through to WestJet customer service for assistance.

For the travelers who have already enrolled in the program and wish to determine their Rewards tier, they can check out the details mentioned below and manage their reservations accordingly. 

WestJet Rewards Tiers and Benefits 

1) Teal tier

As per the airline policy, the traveler can qualify for Teal Rewards tiers after a spend of up to CAD 2999. Once the traveler qualifies for this tier, they can avail of the following benefits:

  • Earn 0.5 percent of the base fares

  • 1 percent of car rental, travel insurance, and hotel

  • Earn rewards on partner airline flights depending on the route and duration

  • However, the Teal members don't qualify for the perks at the airport. 

2) Silver tier 

The qualifying spends for this particular tier ranges from CAD 3000- CAD 4999. And for the travelers who qualify the spending limit are offered the following benefits under Silver Rewards tiers:

  • WestJet Dollars are offered at an increased rate that is 3 percent in case of eligible fares and 1 percent on WestJet vacation packages. 

  • Travelers are offered with 4 vouchers for advance seat selection, 4 vouchers or 2 guest passes for lounge access.

  • 2 free checked baggage, 

  • Priority check-in 

  • Zone 2 boarding services

  • Complimentary upgrades to premium seats on EconoFlex fares 

  • Upgrade from Premium to Business on PremiumFlex and Premium fares

3) Gold tier 

The qualifying limit for Gold Rewards tiers ranges from CAD 5000 to CAD 7999. Further, the travelers are offered the following benefits, if they qualify for the particular tier:

  • WestJet Dollar earns an increase of 5 percent on eligible fares and 1.5 percent on vacation packages.

  • Additional 75 percent base earn rate and 1 percent on hotels, cars, and travel insurance. 

  • Unlimited lounge access with an additional 2 guest vouchers

  • 6 vouchers for advance seat selection and Zone 1 boarding services. 

  • Same upgrades as Silver members but at a higher priority. 

4) Platinum tier 

For this particular tier, the qualifying spend is over CAD 8000. And for the travelers who qualify are offered the following benefits:

  • Earning rate at eligible fares at 8 percent and 2 percent at WestJet vacation packages.

  • 1 percent on car rentals, travel insurance, and hotels

  • The members are offered an additional 100 percent of the base earn on partner flights.

  • Free 3 checked baggage

  • Unlimited seat selection service along with 6 guest vouchers

Besides, for more info on the Platinum Rewards tiers or other tiers, one can reach out to the airline customer service for assistance and plan out their trip accordingly. 


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