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Are you one of those travelers who have confirmed reservations with WestJet Airlines and wish to access the premium services onboard? Then, you would be glad to know that WestJet offers its travelers an option to upgrade their booking and enjoy the best of the services during their travel. If you are a first time user and want to know how do I book my seat on WestJet, then we have provided steps by step information-

How do I book my seat on WestJet?

WestJet Airlines is one of the airlines that offers you a reasonable flight fare to fly anywhere. Also, the airline takes care of passenger's comfort and that's why it provides online access to flight bookings. From making reservations to printing a boarding pass, you don't have to go anywhere. All things can be done from its website.

In case you want to choose a seat on Westjet, you can do that as well. But if you wonder how do I choose my seat on WestJet, you can go through the information mentioned below:

  • To begin with, you need to go to the WestJet Airlines website.
  • Then you need to select the Manage Trip and select the Manage Flights option from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, you have to log in to your WestJet account and retrieve your flight booking details.
  • Further, you can find the seat selection option.
  • In this way, you can see the seat map on your screen from which you can choose the available seats.
  • After that, follow the onscreen instructions and complete the process.

This is how your seat selection completes on WestJet Airlines. Also, you will no longer worry about how do I choose my seat on WestJet. Moreover, if you have any queries, contact the customer service team.

Seat Selection on Westjet


  • WestJet Airlines passengers can pre-select a preferred, standard, or exit row seat on a flight booked with Basic fare type
  • WestJet passengers with basic fare can pick a seat in advance by paying a relatively high cost in comparison to the Econo fare.


  • WestJet Airlines passengers with Econo fare booking can pre-select a seat on the flight from standard, preferred and exit row seats options available to them.
  • Econo fare passengers need to pay a certain amount of fee for choosing a seat on WestJet flight in advance which is slightly lower than the basic fare.


  • WestJet Airlines passengers with booking under EconoFlex fare gets the complimentary standard seat selection.
  • WestJet EconoFlex passengers who need to pre-select a preferred seat on flight requires to pay an extra charge for the same.
  • WestJet Airlines passengers booked under EconoFlex fare also need to pay extra for the pre-selection of exit row seat.

Ways to upgrade WestJet booking for premium services 

Are you one of those travelers who have a query How do I upgrade my seat on WestJet? Then, you would be glad to know that the airline offers its travelers the following options to upgrade the booking that include:

  • Make an offer to upgrade the booking

  • Upgrade seats by redeeming WestJet rewards 

  • At the time of check-in 

So, these are the few options available to travelers to upgrade their WestJet flight booking. However, for the travelers who are not aware of the procedure to upgrade the WestJet Airline booking, they can go through the quick steps mentioned below and manage their booking accordingly. 

Procedure to upgrade seats for WestJet booking 

For the travelers who are looking for the procedure on how to upgrade seats on WestJet, can check out the quick instructions mentioned below and upgrade seats for their booking. 

Note: The below-mentioned procedure is as per the check-in process. 

  1. To upgrade seats for the WestJet Airline booking, the traveler needs to visit the official website.
  2. Now, pick the check-in option and provide the reservation details. 
  3. After that, the traveler needs to pick the seat upgrade service.
  4. Then, the traveler can select the class to which they wish to upgrade their booking and check availability. 
  5. Now, the traveler can confirm their seat upgrade by making an online payment for the same. 

Require more info How do I upgrade my seat on WestJet? Then, reach out to the WestJet Airline customer service or get throuth with WestJet Live Person for assistance.  

How much does WestJet seat selection cost?

You can choose your seat on all WestJet-operated flights when booking online, or at the time of check-in by going to the Manage trips section. If you do not pick a seat at the time you book your flight on WestJet, your seat will be assigned by them for free at the time of airport check-in. You can, on the other hand, pay extra charge to reserve a preferred seat on a WestJet flight. Are you willing to know that how much does WestJet seat selection cost? If this is the case, please read the following points.

  1. The seat selection fee for basic fare at the time of check-in is 5-118 CAD

  2. Standard seat selection fee for the basic fare is 5-59 CAD.

  3. Preferred and exit row seat selection fee for the basic fare is 10-118 CAD.

  4. Standard seat selection fee for the Econo fare is 5-59 CAD.

  5. Preferred and exit row seat selection fee for the Econo fare is 10-118 CAD.

  6. Preferred seat selection fee for the EconoFlex fare is available at a discount on the Basic or Econo.

  7. Exit row seat selection fee for the EconoFlex fare is 10-118 CAD.

Is it worth upgrading seats to WestJet Plus? 

With extra legroom and shoulder space along with a productive environment, it is always worth upgrading the seat to WestJet Plus at an affordable fare. 

Is WestJet premium seating worth the cost? 

As per the various stats, it is suggested that premium seating is not worth the cost as after spending $700 on a premium over the economy, one can grab better services and options on other airlines.

Is traveling in premium economy in WestJet worth the cost? 

As per the various feedback and reviews, the services might be average in comparison to the competitor airlines as they offer better onboard options to their passengers.