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Guide on JetBlue Bag Allowance for Carry-On and Checked Baggage Fees

If you need to have detailed information on Jetblue Bag Information first, then no need to worry as you’ve come to the right place to know about all the information related to the bag information of JetBlue airlines. The points mentioned below will help you to understand the topic in a crystal clear manner;

JetBlue Airlines Carry-On

To know about the carry-on baggage with JetBlue airlines, go through the points mentioned below;

  • JetBlue allows you to carry one carry-on with you on the flight with one personal item.

  • The personal item can be a medium-sized purse, a briefcase that you are carrying, or a laptop bag for your needs.

  • You can carry the above-mentioned carry-on free of cost, and that is per passenger.

  • The carry-on should not be bigger than a particular size and should fit in the overhead bin dedicated to your seat or below the seat in front of you.

Allowance on JetBlue Checked Baggage

Allowance on the JetBlue checked baggage which you are supposed to pay to JetBlue airlines and under what conditions are they to be paid;

  1. JetBlue airlines allow two free checked baggage under the booking you made.

  2. They will be free only if you paid for two checked baggage at the time of booking and you have it under your reservation.

  3. The two checked baggage are mentioned in your fare as well.

  4. If you take more than that, you’ll be charged accordingly per bag you’ll be taking completely depending upon your destination.

JetBlue Checked Bag Fees

If you have an extra pair of everything which you need to carry while traveling with JetBlue airlines, then the below-mentioned table will help you with that;

  • Carry on Lug-less- $14-$39

  • First bag- $35

  • Second bag- $45

  • Third bag- $150

  • Checked Lug-less- $20-$45

  • Overweight bag in every category- $150

  • Oversized bag in every category- $150

  • Oversized bag in Lug-less- $28-$55

Baggage Policy of JetBlue Airlines

If you wish to know the baggage policy of JetBlue airlines, then go through the points mentioned below to get detailed information on the guidelines created by JetBlue airlines;

  1. You are allowed to carry one carry-on bag with you while flying with JetBlue airlines.

  2. Along with the carry-on, you can carry one personal item that is allowed on the flight either in the overhead bin or below the seat just in front of you.

  3. So it must fulfill the size requirement.

  4. Two checked baggage is allowed if they are included in your fare.

  5. If you don’t have the checked baggage in your booking, then you’ll have to pay for the luggage.

  6. If your baggage is oversized or overweight, then you’ll have to pay extra for the same.

How do I avoid baggage fees on JetBlue?

JetBlue has a baggage policy that is pretty much useful to gain information about DOs and DONTs of the official rules. This rule says that you need to pay the baggage fee for your air journey. However, many try to avoid this fee and finish the journey at the lowest possible price. If you are also thinking about this, then you should follow these tips to evade the burden of paying the baggage fee.

  1. You should always try not to bring any check-in luggage for your air journey.

  2. Refrain from using the basic tickets and always make a premium booking.

  3. Enroll yourself in the loyalty program of JetBlue and enjoy the free perks.

  4. Use the JetBlue credit card to make a reservation and use it to avoid baggage fees.

  5. Book your JetBlue flight according to the fare class that is available for you.

How do I get a free checked bag on JetBlue? 

Baggage is divided into two categories in which one is checked-baggage which is available for all the passengers. Many passengers want to know how they can get free checked baggage for usage. These passengers should know a few useful tips which they can use.

  • Book your JetBlue ticket in the Blue Plus or Mint fare class to get free checked baggage.

  • Use the travel credits to book your JetBlue ticket in the premium class.

  • Try using JetBlue Mosaic to include the checked baggage for your journey without paying an extra fee.

  • Use the JetBlue credit card while making the reservation for your flight.

Is the first checked bag free on JetBlue?

JetBlue has several fair classes which offer various amenities to all the users. Booking your flight ticket in Blue Plus or Mint class allows you to bring your first baggage without paying anything. Apart from this, you can also get the first checked baggage free by using the travel credit or using the JetBlue card to book your flight ticket. The up-gradation of the current fare class can also play a crucial role to change the baggage rules.

What items are not allowed on JetBlue? 

Some items are prohibited by JetBlue for all its customers to carry on the plane. These items are banned due to security concerns. If you are wondering about the items which are prohibited, then only use this list to know the items which are prohibited by you.

  1. Customers are not allowed to bring liquid or liquor on the flight without an official nod.

  2. The list also says that you are not permitted to bring any shampoo, toothpaste, soap, hair gel or any other such item.

  3. As per the new guidelines, you can not bring the Samsung Galaxy S7 on your trip on the JetBlue flight.

  4. Sporting Goods or Flammable substances are also not allowed.

  5. Any sharp object which poses a threat to other passengers of the flight.

  6. Firearms/ammunition which anyone can use to violate the security terms.

  7. Dangerous chemicals that are perilous for other passengers.

  8. Any kind of beverage without the prescription of the medical expert.

Can I bring food in my carry-on JetBlue? 

JetBlue always considers the interest of its employees and is well aware of the food requirement. It permits its customers to bring their food in the carry-on baggage to finish their air journey comfortably. Although, some strings are attached to it in which your food should meet the security guidelines at the airport.

Your food must be completely packed or should be in a container to avoid its spreading. You are allowed to bring the unpeeled fruit in your baggage but no liquid is allowed to carry. As an exception, do so only after getting a valid medical prescription. Apart from this, you can also bring breast milk or baby formula after the permission of the authorities.

How much is JetBlue checked bag? 

Jetblue airlines allow checked baggage but within fixed dimensions and weight. The maximum dimensions for checked baggage are 62 inches or 157 centimeters and the maximum weight is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms. The fee applies to JetBlue checked bags added at the airport or within 24 hours of scheduled flight departure. The fee applied for a 3rd checked bag is $150.

Wish to save on checked bag fees? You can easily add up to 2 checked bags in advance after 24 hours before departure for $5 off each of the first 2 checked bags. Make sure that the checked bag fees are only refundable if the whole booking is canceled prior to the scheduled flight departure. The fee for the third checked bag can only be implemented at the airport or during check-in.

How much does it cost to check a bag on JetBlue? 

JetBlue baggage fees apply for most of the flights within the United States. The actually checked baggage fee which you need to pay may vary based on fare class, the status of the frequent fliers and the specific route is flown. The cost to check a bag on JetBlue are discussed below:

Checked baggage fees: The fee for the first checked baggage is $35 and $45 for the checked baggage.

Excess baggage fees: When you are having more than two bags on JetBlue, a per-bag fee of $150 will be imposed on each bag when checking excess baggage on JetBlue.

Overweight baggage fees: The fee for overweight baggage weighing 51-99 pounds on JetBlue is $150. Checking baggage that weighs 100 pounds or more is banned.

Oversized baggage fees: Most of the bags with a combination of length, width, and height of between 62-80 inches will come under the oversized category. The oversized baggage fee on Jetblue airline is $150. The Baggage with all-over measurements of greater than 80" is not taken.

How strict is JetBlue with carry-on baggage? 

Unlike weight, JetBlue airlines are strict with the size of your carry-on baggage. Follow the below points when you are traveling with JetBlue with carry-on baggage.

  • As per the JetBlue airline, All the JetBlue passengers are allowed 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item such as a purse, daypack, laptop bag, or approved pet carrier that can easily fit under the seat in front of you and must not exceed 45 linear inches or 115 centimeters including handles and wheels.

  • The personal item should not exceed the following size- 41 linear inches or 94 centimeters. You can easily fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

What is the weight limit for checked baggage on JetBlue?

The weight limit for checked baggage on JetBlue should not be more than 50 pounds for a single piece. If your baggage size exceeds 50 pounds then you have to pay excess fees of $150.

About Jetblue

JetBlue Airlines is a name well known in the segment of airlines providing low-cost carrier flights to various international and domestic locations. JetBlue airlines adapt and innovate its services according to the requirement of the passengers and are known for the extraordinary measures it invents in giving the best possible service to the passengers.


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