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What is the JetBlue booster seat?

JetBlue booster is one of the best options that parents have offered at the time of boarding their flight because through booster (strollers), they get the option to carry their infant on board with comfort. The Jetblue booster seat is used for infants or much older kids on board, by which infants or younger kids can easily and comfortably travel at JetBlue Airlines.

Jetblue booster seat policy

In case if you are not aware of the terms and conditions under which you get permitted to carry a booster on board. Then you must go through the JetBlue booster seat policy, which will provide you with the best overview of the booster seat policy.

  • If the lap infant travels and they are 3 days old until the day they turn 2 years old, then in such scenario, there is no charge for lap infants, but parents have to provide proof of age, such as birth certificate, passport, etc

  • The strollers or car seats are not counter under carry-on or checked bag allowance. 

  • At JetBlue Airlines, if you are travelling with an infant, then passengers get the option to use a booster seat can be purchased for your infant as long as you carry proper child restraint device

  • The infants under 8 years of age must get a booster seat as they are safe, and infants under 8 years and have reached 4’99” in height will get secured using this booster seat.

Can I bring a booster seat on JetBlue?

No, passengers are not allowed to bring on the booster seats for the infants because with new upgrades in seats, parents are provided with lap-shoulder belts, which will be very much beneficial for the infants. 

However, suppose you need detailed information about booster seats on JetBlue Airlines. In that case, you must speak to someone at JetBlue to get appropriate guidance about the booster seats on board for your infants are allowed or not with some essential terms and conditions. 

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