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JetBlue offers its passengers numerous services related to flight. Sometimes, you don’t want to miss the best price available for your flight as your plans are not decided. Therefore JetBlue provides you with the option of holding a JetBlue flight in which you put your flight on hold so that you can plan your trip. You need to learn some of the essential points before flight hold, which is provided below:

  • To hold the Jetblue flight ticket, you need to make the reservation on the JetBlue website.

  • You are allowed to hold the flight ticket for up to 24 hours by paying some amount for hold.

  • If you do not pay the whole amount within 24 hours, JetBlue will automatically cancel the flight ticket.

  • You will receive your flight ticket at the original price when you hold the flight.

  • Hold flight charges will depend on the destination, the number of passengers to travel, and the ticket type.

How to put JetBlue flight on hold?

To hold the flight, you can do the online process of contact the JetBlue customer service team anytime. You can see the below guidelines and put your flight on hold online:

  1. Open the JetBlue airline's official website and make your booking.

  2. Now choose the destination and date of travel and enter the number of passengers to travel.

  3. After that, search for available flights and go to the payment page.

  4. In the payment section, you need to select the hold flight option and pay the amount available on the screen for the hold flight.

  5. After payment, you will get the confirmation email at your registered email id which you can use for future purposes.

  6. Now you need to pay the full amount to confirm the booking through the manage booking section.

Can you put the ticket on hold with JetBlue?

You can put the JetBlue flight on hold once you select your preferred flight. On the payment page, after making the booking, you will find the option of flight hold in which your flight will behold after paying a certain amount. You can put JetBlue flight on hold for up to 24 hours so that you can plan your journey accordingly.


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