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Flying with kids on JetBlue Airlines Information

Passengers can carry their kids onboard. The kids on board get accommodations too & the A1 quality services & facilities like games to play, different variety of food meals & soft drinks, cartoon movies for their entertainment purposes. Traveling for the children on board at JetBlue airline is safer & convenient too. But for Traveling with Kids on JetBlue, there are some rules or policies adopted by the airlines to give them & their families a surety that the children’s are safe & secure at the time of travel.

JetBlue Travel Infant Policy

Now, if you need to know about the JetBlue Infant Policy, then in that scenario, you must go through these points that are mentioned below for your help & guidance;

  • The kids that are between the age of three & 14 days must also have a form written as a letter, with the doctor’s approval to travel.

  • A kid can travel as a lap infant from three days old until the day turns two years old & there is no charge for lap infants.

  • But parents have to show proof of age like a birth certificate, passport, or immunization record to the airlines.

  • Passenger has to mention the kid information too while they book a reservation for themselves while online booking at jetblue.com.

  • Parents must show the kids a valid passport for international travel, & this passport verification must be done with a crew member before boarding any of the international flights.

  • The kid fees departing from any destination is applied depending upon the destination that is booked for the travel the fees is only assessed when you are flying from the international city to the U.S

  • Kids must travel with an adult passenger at least 14 years or older.

  • Kids must not be seated in the emergency exit row seats.

  • Children must sit on the lap of their parents during takeoffs & landing.

  • Small kids do not qualify for any checked baggage allowance.

  • Adults carrying & traveling with two kids be seated in the same row along & as they are opposite sides of the aisle seat.

So, the above mentioned are JetBlue travels with infants, policies mentioned in an elaborative manner so that passengers must know all about the kid's policies that are mandatorily applied onboard on JetBlue Airlines.

Do babies fly free on JetBlue?

Yes, babies can travel as lap infants from 3 days old until they turn two years old. There is no charge applied on the lap infants. But taxes may be due outside the U.S & your parents will be asked to show the proofs of the infant-like birth certificate, valid passport, etc. If you need to know about, Do babies fly free on JetBlue, & why they get free travel on JetBlue airlines for the trip.

Then you should know that babies or infants are not included in the list, or you can say they are not adults, so their charges for traveling are not applied while booking the ticket, but passengers have to compulsorily mention their details in accordance to provide them eligibility that they are also the part of travel. As the infants travel on board at JetBlue airlines, they get proper facilities & services as they require at home like a stroller, one car seat, food, infant beds & diaper bag & these facilities are arranged while keeping in mind the onboard kids.

Can I add a child to an already booked flight JetBlue?

Yes, suppose in case you need to add a child to an already existing booked flight ticket at JetBlue airline. In that case, you have the option of contacting the customer care expert executive, who is available 24/7 to assist you & to resolve your queries that you face in your particular situation. Now, if you want to know that Can I add a child to an already booked flight JetBlue, so that you get your kid added to your existing flight ticket.

Then, in that case, you may contact the customer care team through their helpline toll-free number that is available within the official website contact us page. You just need to get the helpline number, dial it & follow the IVR instructions & you get connected with the live representative that is available for your guidance & help in any situation that you are facing with the adding of a child into pre-existing flight ticket of JetBlue airlines.

About JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue is one of the significant American low-cost Airlines. This airline is also the seventh-largest airline in North America because it is also the largest passenger-carrying airline. It serves over 1000 flights daily & serves around 100 domestic & international network destinations in the U.S, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America & South America. The fleet size of JetBlue airline is about 270 plus aircraft.


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