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JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy

JetBlue Airlines is one of the leading airlines when we speak about the low cost carrier. It is known for the services it provides to the passengers at a very low cost. If anytime you need to travel with JetBlue and you have a pet which you cannot leave alone at home and you cannot keep it at a care, well no worries JetBlue has measures for this situation as well.

If you need to travel with your pet, you can easily do with the help of the below mentioned points as JetBlue does allow you to travel with your pets.

Step by Step Guide on JetBlue Pet Travel

JetBlue Airlines accepts pets carriers that fulfill the below requirements:

  • The pet fee is $125 each way.
  • Pet carrier cannot exceed 17"L x 12.5"W x 8.5"H and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds.
  • Hard or soft sided Pet carriers accepted.
  • The bottom of the pet carrier must be leakproof.
  • The pet carrier must be well ventilated.

Pets Traveling in the Passenger Cabin

The below mentioned points are the policies of JetBlue Airways if you need to travel with your pet;

  1. If you wish to travel with your pet then you must know that only small dogs up to a certain dimensions and cats are to be allowed with you in the cabin.
  2. Apart from the above mentioned animals, no other animals are allowed to travel with you in the passenger cabin.
  3. You can carry your pet on JetBlue to both the International and Domestic flights if it meets the measurements according to the policy.
  4. You can travel with your pet in the passenger cabin but the policy states that pets cannot be accepted as checked baggage of yours due to health and security reasons.

Therefore, the above mentioned points will give you a clear picture on the topic of JetBlue Airlines Pet policy and you can travel accordingly without any hassle with JetBlue airlines. Things like these should be known first hand so that one can have the basic idea for the travel to go smoothly.

Things to Remember During Travel with Jetblue

If you are travelling with your pet then there are certain measures which you need to keep in mind before travelling with your pet in JetBlue Airways. The below mentioned points will help you with the same;

  1. Make sure that you have the travel document for your pet before travelling with JetBlue Airways.
  2. The health certificate and the license of the pet depends on the destination that you are travelling to, the destination that you’ll be reaching will comply with whether or not you need to keep the health certificate or the license of the pet that is travelling with you.
  3. Just in case you are not sure about the documentation, it is recommended that you carry all the necessary documents like the health certificate, the vaccination certificate and the license of the pet which justifies that the pet belongs to you and you are the sole owner of the pet.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned steps one can easily have an idea about the Jetblue Traveling with Pets guidelines and can make sure that the measures are kept in mind before travelling with JetBlue Airlines to make it a hassle free ride.

Service Animals

If you have a Service animal and you wish to fly with your companion on JetBlue Airways then you’ll have to keep in mind the below mentioned measures;

  1. JetBlue Airways entertains all the trained service animals on its flight both to and from domestic as well as international locations.
  2. The document which you need to carry is the form which you have to submit before the 48 hours time span of the departure for the service animals with JetBlue Airways.

Therefore, the above mentioned points will give you a clear picture on the topic of how you can make your flight easy if you wish to travel your service animal with JetBlue Airways.

If you have any query regarding Jetblue pet travel or other services dial 1-802-808-8988 or you can also talk to someone on Jetblue airlines.