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JetBlue offers to our passengers an online account that is called Jetblue Travel Bank account. Travel Bank is an online account to store travel credits. The Jetblue travel bank allows you to manage your travel credits always use to fly with JetBlue. In this article we will provide you a comprehensive guide on JetBlue Travel Bank.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic so many passengers are acquiring their JetBlue Travel Bank credits, especially when it comes to cancel Jetblue flight booking. When you cancel a Jetblue flight ticket, then your money immediately credited to your Jetblue Travel Bank account, if you are eligible for the same.

Table of Content
What is Travel Bank on JetBlue? 
How do I access my JetBlue travel bank?
What is JetBlue refund travel bank?
Can I get a refund from JetBlue travel bank?
Can you transfer JetBlue travel bank?






A Quick Guide on JetBlue Travel Bank Account

What is Travel Bank on JetBlue? 

A Travel Bank in association with JetBlue Airlines is a basically a digital or online account that keeps a track record of travel credits and maintains the same. There is no need to follow any particular steps that should be followed to create a travel credit account. It is created automatically at the time you sign in to the official website of JetBlue Airlines and create an account there. This is all that you need to know about what is Travel bank on JetBlue? Keep reading if you want to avail more details regarding the Travel Bank associated with JetBlue.

How do I access my JetBlue travel bank? 

You must be wondering about the steps to access a JetBlue travel bank. We have got your back here. Here is all you need to read about How do I access my JetBlue travel bank? Read ahead for the detailed steps:

  • You are eligible to use the username and password that must have been provided to you at the time of signing up in the JetBlue Airlines.

  • You can also use the password and username that has been sent to you via two different mails when you happen to login to your travel bank for the very first time. 
  • Once you log in to a travel account successfully, you can simply look at the balance and date of expiry of each credit that had ever availed with JetBlue.
  • This information is important to be noted that you will need these credentials each time you will happen to log in to the Travel bank at JetBlue.
  • If you are already having a TrueBlue account with JetBlue account, you get the privilege to get the loyalty rewards as you will be able to log in to the JetBlue Travel Bank with your regular combination of email address and password. Also, using these credentials, you can simply navigate the other features and characteristics of the Travel Bank. All you need to do is search for the Travel Bank on the official website of JetBlue Airlines.

What is JetBlue refund travel bank?

It is important for the passengers to be aware of the Refund Policy Policy initiated by the particular airline that you are planning to fly with, as the norms and guidelines along with the criteria to calculate the refund fee is quite different. In the cases of maximum flights, it is already declared in the beginning that if the cancellation and refund against an air ticket has been filed within 24 hours of the completion of the reservation process, then you will get the refunds in the original form of payment. 

If the above said actions are taken after 24 hours of reservation procedures, then a refund and cancellation fee is deducted from the amount applicable to be refunded against the air ticket. Here comes the role of Travel bank or credits. Here’s all you need to know What is JetBlue refund travel bank? The refunds in maximum cases are transferred to the travel banks of the customers. The refunded amount always comes with a validation and expiration date of activity. 

The transfer is done with the approval of the customer. In such cases, the frequent flyers are in the benefit. They know that they would be able to redeem the amount in their next flight, but the non frequent flyers are left in the pressure to use the refunded amount as soon as possible. But in these cases, if they are not satisfied by the idea of Travel Bank or they know that they won’t be flying anytime soon, then they can just disapprove of the idea of taking the refunded amount in their travel banks.  

Can I get a refund from JetBlue travel bank? 

Long story short, yes you are eligible to avail the refunds from JetBlue Travel account. This is all you need to know about can I get a refund from JetBlue travel bank account. To avail refunds from the travel bank, it is important for you to know the further proceedings. Keep reading.

Can you transfer JetBlue travel bank? 

It is quite important to know that Can you transfer JetBlue travel bank. Travel accounts can be used for Jetblue flight booking a known flight but please make sure that the travel account is non-transferable. The name on the booking flight does not require it to match the account holder’s name. 

If you want to talk to Jetblue representative regarding your Jetblue travel bank just dial Jetblue customer service number 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or 1-802-808-8988 and get assistance 24/7 hours.