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RBC WestJet Rewards

As the name suggests, the reward is the perfect word to describe what this feature entails. From huge savings to benefits on almost every service, this is the perfect companion for people who want to save money and get special discounts and services when they travel. From vouchers to redemption points, you can apply this everywhere. The RBC reward comes as a Mastercard, so you don't have to worry about keeping tabs on credentials and other details. The RBC WestJet Rewards Mastercard is your money-saving and investment system. So make acquaintance with your partner in money management.

How do I use WestJet dollars RBC?

First of all, note that this card comes in two forms, WestJet World RBC Elite Mastercard and World RBC Mastercard; both have very slight differences but based on what services you prefer, you can choose the one that suits you the best.

You can use these cards to avail the following services,

  • You can get an annual round trip voucher. This means more flying and less payment.

  • Earn WestJet Dollar on all types of purchases. You will get 2% back in the form of RBC rewards WestJet dollars and 1.5% back in the same form on all purchases.

  • Free baggage check-in on your first flight with this card for up to 8 members.

  • A status lift is worth $500.

  • Facility to connect with Boingo Wi-Fi for more than 1 million hotspots. 

  • You can use this card to trade a travel voucher for a lounge voucher.

  • You can earn up to 50 Be Well points on every dollar you spend with this card on your purchases at Rexall.

  • Earn 100 to 450 WestJet dollars when you become a member.

  • Get a 3 months DoorDash subscription for free.

To make use of these RBC WestJet Rewards, you only have to use the Mastercard when you make any type of purchase.

How do I redeem my WestJet RBC?

The process is similar to other redemption methods when it comes to redeeming these points. 

  1. You can start by opening the WestJet website. 

  2. Now open your account by logging in to it.

  3. Select the service you wish to use on the WestJet portal. It could be any of the services mentioned above.

  4. At the time of payment, use the option to use your WestJet rewards. This will allow you to use your Mastercard and give you eligible points based on the services purchased.

  5. First-time users or people who get technical difficulties can also contact the WestJet technical support team and ask them for help regarding the usage of the RBC rewards WestJet dollars for making payments.

Do RBC WestJet dollars expire?

Don't be afraid if your area of concern is the expiration of these brilliant RBC points. These points don't have an expiry date; it only happens when you get the reward through some kind of promotional event, when they are issued for compensation, or when the company releases a limited-period offer on the services. 

Hence, the points and dollars you earn through these cards never expire apart from these exceptions. 

Can you convert WestJet dollars to RBC points?

Every feature of the award program is designed to make the customers happy and satisfied. Yes, you can convert your WestJet dollars to RBC points. The beauty of RBC WestJet Rewards lies in the fact that you can transfer 100 RBC points to get 1 WestJet dollar in your account at any given moment. In essence, 100 RBC points equal 1 WestJet dollar, much like the currency. 

How do I check my WestJet dollars RBC?

The WestJet dollar account shows you a complete list of all the transactions and savings. You can access this account anytime by opening westjet.com and logging into your account.

  1. Open your WestJet account.
  2. Look for your RBC dollar information and open it.

All the details will appear as soon as you open this tab, and you can check your RBC rewards WestJet dollars amount and related transactions.

People who need help carrying out any of the tasks mentioned or clarification on the RBC WestJet reward program should connect with the RBC or WestJet support executives.


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