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WestJet check-in

How do I check in with WestJet Flight?

Making bookings in the flights is not always enough to fly by air because before boarding flight, you need to reserve the seats and check in the flight. And people who decide to make reservations on West jet Airlines then you can choose from different types of check in that is offered to the people.

Types of WestJet Airlines check-in   

  • Online check in
  • Mobile check in
  • Counter check in
  • Kiosk Check in

Online check in

  • From the online reservations to the other policies, a lot of things offered by airlines have now become online and check in is no exception.
  • You can always book flights and then check in online. In case there is any online reservation then it’s always recommended to check in online that will save time by standing in the queue.
  • Ideally the online check in can be done with the help of the official website and should be completed ideally 3 hours before the flight departure. 
  • Also along with the online check in, passengers also get access to printing boarding pass, paying the extra baggage fees or adding seats of your choice in the current and existing reservations. You can add west Jet miles to your existing reservations or the sky miles to your bookings.

Mobile check in

  • Now passengers can even add their check in with the help of the mobile phone anywhere or anytime.
  • All that you need is to log in the website first that is related to your airline. Now mobile check in can be done via official airline app.
  • Technically, you should check in your flight via app maximum 24 hours before the flight takes off. And just like the online check in, you can even add the extra baggage, reserve seats and add the miles in the account.

Counter check in

  • Counter check in is one of the oldest mediums with which you can check in the flight booking. If you have a reserved booking then it’s an offline booking then you can go on the counter and then do the check in.
  • Mostly before the three hours of flight departure, the counter check in opens maximum three hours before the flight takes off. 
  • Also if you want to avoid any sort of in convenience then you should prefer checking in at least 90 minutes before the flight takes off.

Kiosk Check in

Today is the era where every day to day service is getting self dependent and eliminating the human touch completely. And likewise the gadgets and even machines these days are getting self dependent. 

  • For the convenience of the passengers now you will find self kiosk machines at the counters of the airlines where you can generate your boarding pass or do the check in.
  • There are kiosk machines almost everywhere for both the international as well as the domestic flights for doing the kiosk check in. 
  • You can check in between 2 hours before the flight takes off and make sure you have confirmed reservations on the flight. 
  • Next you can even add any extra baggage fee if there is any plus reserve seats as per your choice so that you don’t have to hustle.

Process of getting the boarding pass printed on West Jet Airlines

Once you have booked your flight and gone through the check in formalities, now you can take up the boarding pass which is the last thing that you have to do before finally boarding the flight. 

How do I get my WestJet boarding pass?

Via website

1.To get the boarding pass printed, all you need is open the website of the airline and then tap on manage booking section.

2.Now from the manage booking page, enter the booking number plus the name of the passenger and then at last tap on printing boarding pass link.

3.This way you can get the boarding pass printed.

On the airport counter

1.Other than printing the boarding pass yourself, you can also get the pass printed on the airport itself. 

2.There is nothing to panic or worry about. You can simply go the counter and request for the pass before boarding flight.

Contacting the Westjet Customer Service Team

Despite the following details, suppose if you still need any information then you can always head to the customer support team and then request them to make the doubts clear. The passengers can always get through to WestJet airlines and call on the Westjet helpline number 1-866-693-7853 and then request the support team to give the update on your reservations.


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