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How can I get in touch with WestJet?

Passengers who have a concern for how can I get in touch with WestJet, you have need to dial WestJet phone number 1-888-(WESTJET) 1-888-937-8538 or follow the below alternative ways of contacting WestJet customer service representative. Customer service team of WestJet airlines active 24/7 to assist passengers and help them solve their problems.

Steps to get in touch with WestJet Live Person

  1. Go to the official website of the WestJet airline and at the top right corner, you will find the option of Contact us. 

  2. Click on it and from the drop-down menu, you will find various options for connecting. 

  3. If you pick calling then you will get a contact number 1 (888) 937-8538 or 1-802-808-8988, dial it and you will get on a call with the live representative. 

  4. If you are opting for the live chat option then you will get a pop-up box of live chat. 

  5. You need to enter your name and the contact you want to use for the purpose of live chat. 

  6.  Then drop a text and the live person will get in touch with you in the shortest time possible. 

  7.  One last method is to connect via call. You will find the email address of the airline. 

Reason for calling the Westjet live person – 

  • For the purpose of changing the flight or making a reservation,

  • Because the customer is willing to cancel the ticket, 

  • Or maybe the customer is willing to make some alteration in the date and time of departure, 

  • Sometimes they call for simply knowing the policy of the airline. 

How do you get through to WestJet?

Knowing About the List of Platforms to Get the Assistance! 

WestJet Airlines has introduced various platforms to help passengers resolve the issues. These platforms are mentioned below. 

  • The very first is a toll-free helpline number that is 24/7 active and gives on the spot assistance when contacted using the phone. 
  • Another way to get the help is by choosing WestJet Airlines chat support that is made available from the official website under the “Contact Us” option. 
  • Passengers even can choose the email option to get the answers of the issue or any kind of information.  
  • Those who would like to share the feedback to improve WestJet Airlines services are free to choose any social platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 

To know how to reach these experts you can follow the steps below. 

Steps to Know How to Contact WestJet Airlines Experts! 

  1. Passengers can make a call on the toll-free helpline number that is stated on the website. They can also choose chat support from the official WestJet Airlines. 
  2. When passengers get to see the experts greeting and asking them concern, they can explain the same. 
  3. They will be then asked to wait and then provided with the best resolution. Try the same and then share the feedback. 

How do I contact WestJet Customer Service?

What is the phone number for WestJet?

WestJet Airlines Phone Number - 1 (888) 937-8538
WestJet vacations dial: 1-877-737-7001

You can feel free to get through with WestJet airline whenever you feel like or as per your convenience. The live representative will make sure that all your problems are solved and you have a satisfactory experience with the airline. Also, you can contact the airline as many times as you want and get your issues and doubts cleared.  

To know about the changes that you need to do on your WestJet Airlines, you can take the help from its customer service. The customer service assistance is delivered by WestJet Airlines on the various platforms. And if you are thinking on how can I get in touch with WestJet Airlines you can refer to the information mentioned further in this article. 

International Westjet Phone Numbers:

Malaysia: 800-5381-5696

Philippines: 800-5381-5696

Singapore: 800-5381-5696

Taiwan: 800-5381-5696

Thailand: 800-5381-5696

Australia: 0011-800-5381-5696

New Zealand: 800-5381-5696

Austria: 800-5381-5696

Belgium: 800-5381-5696

Denmark: 00-800-5381-5696

Africa: South Africa: 800-5381-5696

China: 800-5381-5696

Hong Kong: 800-5381-5696

Israel: 800-5381-5696

Japan: 800-5381-5696

Korea (Republic of): 800-5381-5696

Macao: 800-5381-5696

Finland: 800-5381-5696

France: 00-800-5381-5696

Germany: 00-800-5381-5696

Hungary: 00-800-5381-5696

Iceland: 00-800-5381-5696

Ireland: 1-800-937-323

Italy: 00-800-5381-5696

Luxembourg: 800-5381-5696

Netherlands: 00-800-5381-5696

Norway: 800-5381-5696

Portugal: 800-5381-5696

Spain: 00-800-5381-5696

Sweden: 800-5381-5696

Switzerland: 800-5381-5696


Caribbean and Central America

Antigua and Barbuda: 1-888-937-8538

Bahamas: 1-866-884-9188

Barbados: 1-800-204-5647

Bermuda: 1-800-204-0020

Grand Cayman: 1-800-204-0081

Jamaica: 1-800-288-1029

Mexico: 001-855-269-2979

Puerto Rico: 1-866-886-2388

Saint Lucia: 1-800 204-0409

Turks and Caicos: 1-866-887-1588

Colombia: 800-5381-5696