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WestJet is known as the best low-cost airline operating in Canada. The spacious and comfortable legroom provided at WestJet is highly appreciated by the passengers. The WestJet pet travel policy is so incredible that it helps your furry family members feel comfortable and safe. 

WestJet treats your pet as their guest and to provide them with comfort, WestJet introduced some majors to follow while you are travelling with your pet. Go through the below-mentioned points to understand the pet travel policy at WestJet:

WestJet Pet Travel Policy

  1. To begin with, there are some general requirements that you need to carry while traveling with WestJet. These requirements include health certifications and basic vaccination requirements of their pets

  2. Empty kennel or your pet in a kennel is subjected towards your personal item and will be counted in your carry-on baggage

  3. One must request space for their pets as soon as you have completed your booking process. This will help you reserve a preferable seat for your furry friend

  4. The request must be made before 48 hours or space may not be available for your pet and you might not be able to travel with your pets(s)

  5. Visit the official animal service to get further information on the reservation of space for your pet

WestJet recommends you go through all the pet policies and WestJet pet policy cargo before making a reservation for your pet. And if you need any further help you can always make talk to WestJet live customer service person

WestJet pet cargo policy

WestJet allows dogs in cargo. WestJet understands your connection with your pets, especially with a dog. To help you travel with your dogs in cargo, the WestJet pet cargo policy provides some rules and regulations to be followed:

  • If you are shipping your dog in cargo, then avoid feeding your adult dogs within 6 hours of the flight departure

  • Due to the possibility of dehydration, weaned puppies are not accepted to use WestJet air transportation

  • Tranquilization is highly prohibited, but if the owner wants to sedate the dog they must carry notice from an authentic veterinarian stating that the animal is in good condition and able to travel

  • If you are shipping dogs as cargo, then make sure you have booked space prior and got approved by the WestJet Cargo

Does WestJet allow pets in cabin?

Yes, you can carry pets with you in the WestJet cabin but there is some instruction to keep in mind:

  1. WestJet tends to accept small pet(s) in their cabin and on most of the flights they provide checked kennel

  2. If you are traveling to, from or via Barbados, Hawaii, Ireland, Jamaica, Glasgow or London, you are not allowed to carry cats and dogs with you

  3. There may be some additional charges and requirements on your pets during the entrance for some significant countries

  4. Do not forget to contact veterinary services for some specific flight destination

  5. If you have checked in with these requirements, you can enjoy your flight with your pets.

How much does it cost to take a dog on WestJet?

WestJet is a host to several pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, and some breeds of birds. But there is some applicable charges on the pets you are traveling with:

  • Pets traveling in a cabin are subjected to a fee of about $50-59 for each way separately

  • The pets you are travelling with is counted in your carry-on baggage, so the combined weight allowed is around 100lbs or 45kg

  • The pet fee applicable in the hold is around $75-88.50 separately each way

Check the official website of WestJet Airlines to understand the applicable charges even clearer.

Is WestJet shipping dogs during Covid?

The WestJet policies to ship dogs has not changed yet but you may take assistance from the customer support group working at WestJet to help you out. So, no matter if you are shipping your pet as cargo or individually, WestJet Airlines has a cure to your every problem.


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